How to Create a Blog for FREE!

Hi everyone,

As you all know we all have been experiencing many problems with COVID-19 and due to this many places, businesses, educational institutes, hotels and restaurants are shut down or under lockdown for a few hours. But there is something which is open 24*7 and that is the internet. And when it comes to the internet there are no limitations to explore. You can learn and visit such places online.

For this purpose, i have created a video on my youtube channel. Previously, i have received many messages on my social media about ‘How to create a blog’ so a month ago i gave just a brief introduction on it and today i have posted Part 2. You can view the video by clicking the links below.

I have used Google’s Blogger platform in demonstrating the video as i think it’s good for the newbie bloggers to understand blogging and how exactly blogging platforms work.

Part 1: Click here to watch Part 1 of How to create a Blog

Part 2: Click here to watch Part 2 of How to create a Blog

For any queries or suggestions feel free to comment down below and also don’t forget to like and share the videos and subscribe to my channel.

Thank you.

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