Is it really a Happy Teacher’s Day?

We all have a heard a quote “If there were no teachers, All other professions would not exist” As we celebrates #HappyTeachersDay we forget the difficulties teachers are facing nowadays. From job appointments to salary to pensions. So, being a teacher, i decided today to write a blog post on the issues & problems of teachers which i heard and also some of them experienced in my teaching profession.

So here are they as follows:

The very first problem after completion if the Diploma or Degree Course in D.T.Ed or B.Ed/M.Ed respectively is the appointment of the teachers in the school. Now this process has been changed from time to time and this also depends to the type of the institution a teacher wants to work as a teacher.

Institution such as private schools offer jobs on the basis of interview and by looking at the calibre ans marks of the students. But these jobs are restricted to low salaries where a teacher earns less amount of salary where it is almost impossible to bear the cost of his own expenses.

Government jobs have good salaries but are almost impossible to get appointed for a common teacher or i would say a poor but a meritorious student who have good marks and skills to teach the students in a good manner. The reasons why i said that it is almost impossible is because of the Money – To be paid to the government in order to get the appointed. Bribe has been very common nowadays which has been taken by the government officials who help the teachers getting appointment in the school.

Entrance exams such as TET are just another issue which have imposed by several states in India in order to stop bribe and corruption and will give appointments to only those teachers who will crack or passed the exams. But unfortunately as it is seen in Maharashtra State the corruption has not decreased but increased enormously.

I will request the Government of the Maharashtra and the Government of India to cancel entrance exams like TET and grant jobs to teachers on the basis of certificates of their respective Diploma and Degree Courses.

When a student who takes admission in a B.Ed course has already been selected as per the merit level and has also passed the degree by giving exams then why the student has to appear for an entrance exam to get the job? And at what cost where there is so much corruption involved?

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