How to Create a Blog for FREE!

Hi everyone,

As you all know we all have been experiencing many problems in COVID-19 and due to which many places, businesses, educational institutes, hotels and restaurants are shutdown or under lockdown of few hours. But there is something which is open 24*7 and that is the internet. And when it comes to internet there are no limitations to explore. You can learn and visit such places online.

For this purpose, i have created a video on my youtube channel. Previously, i have received many messages on my social media about ‘How to create a blog’ so a month ago i have given just a brief introduction on it and today i have posted it’s Part 2. You can view the video by clicking the links below.

I have used Google’s Blogger platform in demonstrating the video as i think it’s good for the newbie bloggers to understand about blogging and how exactly blogging platforms works.

Part 1:

Part 2:

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A Beginners Guide to Blogging (Webinar)

Today, I hosted my first webinar on blogging.
It send requests to 100’s of people but only 7 people attended the webinar. But i am happy because i think numbers don’t give you success but the quality of the work you do that gives you success.

So, I want to thank to the people who have given their precious time and shared their experience with me. I hope that i have helped you better understand about the basics of blogging.

For our upcoming webinar in ‘Carrier Opportunities in Blogging in 2020’ register on this link:

We’ll soon contact you and send you details of this webinar soon. Thank you.

10 Years of Blogging

As you all know my name is Shaikh Noman Ahmed and i lived in Aurangabad, Maharashtra, India. I am a Teacher by profession and today i have completed 10 years of Blogging.

I am founder of Trend Adda

I like to learn new things about blogging. I also like to keep in touch with trending topics related to Blogging, Education, Internet, Social Media and Technology.

My Blogging Journey :

It all started when i was a teenager. A Computer Addicted Boy who like to use his desktop everyday and install new software’s and games on it. I was very much curious about the new and creative ways performed in the computer and which has helped me in ease of my work, efficiently, Now what can be more exciting for a 90’s kid, Internet has been one of the revolution for youngsters of my age and many others, i think the time was very much suitable, I got my own computer where i can experiment anything and family to support me to become something good in computers. i  used to learn from the internet by going to the internet cafe’s and also take help of my cousin brothers and computer teacher. I remember the very first HTML lecture i had the school. The Teacher showed me how with the help of some HTML Tags you can add colored texts, images which moves onto your screen and also show a graphical representation in the browser. It was amazing. My interest level just reached to a new level, i was deeply motivated and decided to have my own online presence in the future then after some years, after my 12th, i started searching for my dream and luckily i got to know we can have our own website. So i google it and found some sites. All i need was an email address and to fill some details and click on that REGISTER BUTTON.!!! I have registered on many free hosting sites and this has really helped me a lot to understand about the World Wide Web. The more i searched on the internet the more i get to know about ‘How To Create’ Free Websites. Then one day i found All i know at that time is that it is own by a search giant Google and requires a Gmail ID. So i decided to give a try. I first registered my blog on in September 2008. i found posting a blog post is very interesting and unique way of sharing the things which you like, dislike and the things which people want to know about you. has became my daily routine, it’s was a dairy to me and a very important part of my life. I used to connect my mobile phone to the computer and connect the internet via GPRS. The speed of the internet connection was slow and also the viewers of my blog were very few. But my dream worth more than any other thing exists at that time. After 6 months, April 2009, I found which has a lot of features than blogger. I signed up and created a blog under my name but i hardly post on my wordpress blog. Since then i have created many blogs of different types and categories on both the platforms and also deleted them later when i can’t able to post on that particular niche anymore or when i was receiving no response on my blogs. In the 2012 i registered my first self hosted WordPress blog on an Indian Hosting but it ain’t go well, not because of hosting but the domain name i choose for my blog – – It had a number, it was unable to recognize easily, it was in plural and when i like to go with a .com domain name. The desire and passion of blogging didn’t stop me there. After giving many thoughts, a year later i registered the domain name – Trend Adda (31 January 2013) and later this personal blog on 27 September 2013. This has helped me growing my blogging experience and i would like to share it with my readers and other bloggers here on this blog. I am also planning to create ‘Ebooks’ and videos on ‘Blogging Tips and Tutorials’ for the newbie bloggers and intermediate bloggers to achieve success in Blogging.

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Thank you.

Shaikh Noman Ahmed.

A.I.M organized IT Seminar 2018

AIM IT Seminar Aurangabad 2018

A Seminar for fresher students conducted by AIM – Knowledge. Way to Success upon “Career’s & Opportunities in IT” where i am giving talk on importance of Blogging, Content Management System (CMS), Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Social Media Marketing & Management (SMM) & Open Source Platforms. Other talks by the experts such as fields in core IT such as Web designing, Web development, Java, Android, Database etc. have been discussed.

AIM IT Seminar Aurangabad 2018
AIM IT Seminar Aurangabad 2018

I thank and congratulate all the team of AIM and specially Khan Zeeshan & Shaikh Furkhan for inviting me on the event. Thank you.



Blogging U

adding new courses regularly!

Hi Bloggers, I am back.

It’s been a long time since i have posted anything about blogging on my blog. There was a time when i think nothing but only about blogging. i talk, typed, search, then again research, create, save and share them on my blog. The reason behind this issue is changes which i am experiencing from the beginning of this year.

As you all know i am a teacher by profession and i have to complete my school work and submit it on time, and i think this is what the life of a Teacher is : Tests, Completion of Syllabus, Exams, Results and Much More.

There was a lot of pending work left on my table and also many other new stuffs to get it done correctly which i have never faced in my life. I called this ‘A Year of Experiences and Priorities’. This has affected me on my unusual work timings but also helped me to deal with the circumstances which has helped me to know more about me and what can i do – Thank you GOD, Alhumdulillah.

Blogging for me has now become a very challenging goal. Sometimes i also feel that i am running out of words. I read everyday but not writing or posting it on my blog. I hardly take out some time to blog. i have a long list of drafts saved but i don’t like to publish them on any unusual times. Because i think ‘This is not the correct time to express that situation’.

So, What is Blogging U.?

Blogging U is Blogging University : Blogging U is an On-Demand Course who helps you to achieve your blogging goals. Presented by Daily Post by whose parent company is Automattic who are behind, WooCommerce, JetpackSimplenote, Longreads, VaultPress, Akismet, Gravatar, PolldaddyCloudup, and more.

All you need is a account to Sign-up. If you already have a registered account with login and go to this link (will open in new window)

Now all you need to do is to read the information and instructions on different types of courses you see on that page and click on ‘Start Course’ button next to the title. You will recieve an email regarding this course and within few minutes you’ll receive your very first course.

To know who are the hosts of the courses are Click Here.

The Courses covers from the Basics for Beginners to intermediate and then to the Advanced Level. You can start all the courses at a time if you only think you can do it everyday with ease otherwise take your time it’s not going anywhere. New Courses will be adding regularly. So Don’t miss this chance. Now, i think i can make the most of my skills, learn new things in blogging and most importantly share what i love to blog, everyday.

Please share your experience with Blogging U. Best of Luck and Happy Blogging.!

7 Years of Blogging

7 years of blogging

Hi Everybody, Today i am very much excited as i have completed my 7 years of blogging. It has been a long journey. Blogging to me is a companion, a friend and also my identity. It all started accidentally. When i was in school, 6th Class, I was first introduced to programming where i learn to draw circle, triangle, square using programs BASIC, COBOL and later C Program. As i grew up i was more curious to know about computer and the amazing hidden world in that machine. I then learn HTML Language (Hyper Text Markup Language) as i have in our syllabus and try to write them in Notepad and run them on Internet Explorer. At that time a very interesting HTML Tag named <marquee> has really changed the way i see a computer and internet. This tag helps to slide the text or image from one side to another. It seems to AWESOME.!

7 years of blogging

At that very moment i decided to create a web page with full of information and pictures of my choice and so on. At that time (around the year 2003), we rarely have internet cafe’s and internet ready mobile phones. My cousin elder brothers is possibly the only people i knew who have an internet connection at their home. They helped me to know about the internet and use to solve my problems whenever i spoke to them. They were doing gradation in computers & are very talented. They said to me a webpage is a collection of websites. They help me to understand it by showing a website named Yahoo. I was very much amazed. I dream of doing something near to this and creating a website.

This goal of mine brought me much closer to it when i reach in my college days. At that time Reliance phones are the only phones which are internet ready and can be easily accessible with the help of the cord which connects your computer to the internet using a dial-up connection. I was scared about two things. First, I heard about the different kinds of viruses enters in the computer if you are using the internet. Secondly, Bills… as the phone was postpaid. But fortunately everything was in control.

I searched on the internet about websites and luckily one of my best friend Shahnawaz told me to google as free web space or anything similar to it. I thought it wouldn’t work but fortunately i came across some sites which lets you create a free website. All you need to have is your email address. i had one (not the current one). The very first step was to choosing a name for the site in the dashboard which seems to me a little bit confusing but i end up with adding contents to the site ex.: text and pictures and i am finished by simply clicking on publish button. Whoa.! My site is ready.

After experiencing this i search more on the internet and found pretty cool websites which helps you to create free websites such as: Webs, OwnAFreeWebsite, Jimdo, Weebly and much more. My personal favorite was Wetpaint as it helps people to connect and collaborate with another user and at the same time it shows what your friends are up to. Then some how in September, 2008 i came across I heard the term blog in weebly but didn’t know what is it all about. So i register for Blogger. I found the environment clean and perfect. The setup guide looks awesome. I register a name for my new blog, There were lot of templates to choose from. I don’t know what is post and tags but FAQ’s helped me. I preview my blog and it looks great…! I added some posts and i realize the latest article will automatically be posted at the top of your blog. The blog comes with everything what websites has and also it contains many widgets which can be embed onto the blog. I used to share the link of my blog to Orkut and i used to get replies and even appreciating messages of my friends on my new blog. This was totally a different feeling of happiness to me and its kind of feeling that i am doing something better and different from the rest of the world, specially from those people who i know.

From 7 years i have created many blogs and posted on many topics : Blogging,  Education, Entertainment, Health, Poem, Politics, Religion, Technology etc. and i think due to the availability of many Social Networks : Facebook, Twitter, Google+. It is now easier to share your content with new visitors and boost traffic to your blog. And nothing is impossible today if you aim is good, to do good. All i want to say to is never ever give up on your dream. Be happy always.

Shaikh Noman Ahmed. (@sknomanahmed)

Thank you.

First Post on my new blog.


I am Shaikh Noman Ahmed (or Sk. Noman Ahmed). I know blogging is a great fun. It’s not the first time that i’m Blogging, I blog on at from the year 2008 and now signed up for wordpress and tumblr to feel how blogging really simplify the way people share there story. I also started a tech blog on blogger which was created a year ago but drop that idea as it needs a lot of punctuality to post new things, consumes a lot of time and the reality is a there are many tech blogs running successfully on the internet.

I experienced that WordPress is great and fun at the same time. i hope that i would be posting wonderful things here and also try to be regular at the same time.

Thank you.

Sk. Noman Ahmed