My Facebook #YearInReview 2016

Facebook always comes with some great cheering up announcements when it comes to reminders. We, nowadays, receives daily a reminder about what on today we posted on facebook a year back from the time we have joined facebook. But that is not i want to share with you today but a #YearInReview video which was available to the most of the users after the first week of the December 2016.

Like many others videos, such as – A look back in 2015, Facebook is allowing the users to edit their videos. A default video has been made and will be notified to you once your video is ready. You can too edit the video by adding people, moments, likes and shares done by you on your facebook account in the year 2016. After finalizing the video share the video by #yearinreview for other to view.

Hope you’ll like mine.

Also subscribe to my YouTube Channel. Link :

I will soon upload a video to help you know how i have downloaded this video from facebook.

Take Care & Thank you.

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