Mistake in my MahaTET Admit Card

Today i logged in to my MahaTET Dashboard after some time and the first thing i noticed was the new date of the examination which was changed from 8 July to 15 July 2018. I am too happy about the extension of the time i have got to prepare one week more for TET Examination.… Continue reading Mistake in my MahaTET Admit Card

My Facebook #YearInReview 2016

yearinreview - Shaikh Noman Ahmed

Facebook always comes with some great cheering up announcements when it comes to reminders. We, nowadays, receives daily a reminder about what on today we posted on facebook a year back from the time we have joined facebook. But that is not i want to share with you today but a #YearInReview video which was available to… Continue reading My Facebook #YearInReview 2016