My New Resolutions

I know people make resolutions every year to conquer their goals. This not only helps them to achieve their aim but also build confidence and keep them motivated.

I too had made many resolutions in the past but things didn’t go well as planned. I think, here, inconsistency is not the only issue which we face when we try to achieve our aim.

So i started making a list:

1. Try to make little goals for every aim. Goals helps you to achieve the aim.

2. Give priority to your goals. The most important thing you need to do first.

3. Time is important. So decide how much time you should give to your goals and achieving your aim.

If you read the heading of the above image where i have listed ‘My New Resolutions’ and there is a reason why i haven’t wrote it My New Year Resolutions. Though i’ll implement it in this year i will add such resolutions every month and will continue to do it every day throughout the year.

This will ensure me that i have a period of one month to make it a habbit and easy to track my progress.

I would like to here your views on this blog post. Please comment down below. Thanks for reading.

Bibi ka Maqbara – Aurangabad Vlog 16

Finally, This vlog is one of my most awaited vlog. When i started vlogging on my youtube channel i knew that i would vlog this historical monument one day. But i didn’t know that it would be an enriching experience and such an amazing day.

I came here many times before and i always learnt something new whenever i visit this great place. It takes me back in the history. It’s just like time travelling to me.

I want to thank Shaikh Mudassir Nadeem for being with me throughout the vlog and helping me to know more about this place. His work in the field of exploring history of Aurangabad is amazing and i wish & congratulate him for his efforts.

Also, do follow his page Aurangabadi Musafir on social media, Links are mentioned below:

I would like to share few picture on this post which i have clicked and also like to share my concern regarding the heritage sites with you that you please preserve and aware other people regarding the safety of heritage sites of our city. These sites have a huge impact on our culture, lives and traditions. It not only represents our city but also people living here with this beautiful monument known by many names such as ‘Mini Taj’ or ‘The Taj of Deccan’

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Triple Talaq Bill passed in India

Yes, The religion Islam itself says that divorce is something which is not at all appriciatable. But what happens when 2 people or couple living in a relationship are not at all interested to resolve their issues or conflicts nor they are trying to understand each other.

There are few things which i really don’t like about this bill.

1. Who will take care of the women and her children and who will help them with their financial needs. Does the government giving any kind of money to the wife who have been put behind the bars for 3 years.

2. For a Muslim man the jail is of 3 years and less punishment for the men belonging to the other religions.

3. Already the Supreme Court has made a decision on Triple Talaq why only this ‘Modi’ Government trying to criminalise it and specially for Muslims.

4. Now, there are very less number of Muslim womens who have been so called victims of this practice (and I don’t mean because they’re less in numbers, they shouldn’t get justice) But what about 20 crores of the Hindu womens who have been divorced by their husbands or been left for unknown reasons?

Do they don’t deserve justice? Are they not in huge numbers? Who will fight for them?

Sometimes, it seems to me, everything which is done in this government is opposing Muslims in particular.

But we believe in Allah, The Most Gracious and The Merciful. And as He says : ‘Verily, with every difficulty there is a relief’

Quran 94:5

A.B.A.M Bodybuilding Competition 2017-2018 at Aurangabad

ABAM Bodybuilding Competition 2017-2018

A.B.A.M Bodybuilding Competition 2017-2018, Aurangabad

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