A.B.A.M Bodybuilding Competition 2017-2018 at Aurangabad

ABAM Bodybuilding Competition 2017-2018

A.B.A.M Bodybuilding Competition 2017-2018, Aurangabad

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This video is about Bodybuilding Competition organized by Amateur Bodybuilder’s Association of Maharashtra at Maulana Azad Research Centre, Aurangabad. Please like this video, comment about it and don’t forget to share.
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5 Day Spoken English Workshop at Aurangabad

An awesome education week happened last year (15 to 19 December) in 2017 where i have learnt lots of things and met new talented teachers. They all have come from different backgrounds but everyone of us has some special talent and skill which i have tried to understand that not only makes them a good teacher but also a good human being. This 5 day training has been an unforgettable days of my life.

We have been given a pen, notebook, file case and a batch which tells us that Yes, I am a trainee… and i have a lot to do here. And, Yes, We also have a lunch and tea 2 times in a day… Thank you.

Day 1 : Spoken English Workshop for teachers training at Garkheda, Aurangabad (M.S.)

It was my first day at the workshop school where over 20 teachers had signed up for this workshop online via a link given by the Maharashtra Government on one of their portals. Mr. Thate Sir and Shabana Mam has been our guides and they have been giving us all the information related to the program. The first day was the introduction and everybody was too shy to participate, to work as a team, to participate and even to talk with each other. But Thate Sir has been doing his best to create an friendly atmosphere and supporting everyone of us.

Day 2 : Spoken English Workshop : Learning, Activities & Teamwork.

We use to watch many videos, tutorials and participate in activities in a group so that we can do exactly the same with the students in our class to create a helping and understanding atmosphere among the students.

Day 3 : Extra Curricular Activities.

Now, We really start doing things more seriously as if we are in a competitions. But here comes a twist in the story. Each time we are participating in an activity we are getting new teachers as our group members. So i didn’t know what good quality that particular teacher possess or what are his/her weakness that at the time of our act, play or expressing any of our task we shouldn’t get fail.

Day 4 : Play, Play doesn’t make us Fail… Sometimes at least.

Here, We learns that how can we interact with our students and enhance their learning abilities. I can’t share or express those activities in words here but i will soon upload some of them on my youtube channel.

Day 5 (last day) : Last day we have been doing some of the activities and questioning and answering session with our guides and discussing some of the teaching methods which should be implemented on the students in our classrooms. Then there was a workbook which we used to complete after every session but due to its introduction on the second we have completed the skipped portion. Then i have been called for an unprepared speech at the end of the program which was unexpected. But it actually gone very good. I think that happened with me because I was in a flow of talking and doing everything in English Language.

Lastly, I take an oath within myself that i would implement all the teaching methods used & trained in this workshop and will learn new things which makes me and my profession of teaching amazing and proud.

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Seerat-un-Nabi (s.a.w) Program 2017

Speech competition on Prophet Muhammad s.a.w by Mohsin Ahmed Urdu Primary & High School at Maulana Azad Research Centre, Aurangabad.

Certificates and awards to the children’s of different Urdu Schools in Aurangabad.

The man behind the success of this program : Khan Muhammed Yasar Sir.

4th std Shaikh Omar bin Shakeel of Mohsin Ahmed Urdu Primary School.

7th std student Farheen Khatik of Mohsin Ahmed Urdu Primary School.

Parents and audience at Maulana Azad Research Centre. — in Aurangabad, Maharashtra.

Shakeeb khusro, Editor, Aurangabad Times.

Uttamsingh Pawarji, Ex-MP and Director, MCN.

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Muslim Reservation Silent Rally

Muslim Reservation Silent Rally.
On 6 January 2017, 2 pm at Aamkhas Ground, Aurangabad. (at Aurangabad, Maharashtra)

#Selfie #Muslim #Reservation #Agitation #Aurangabad (at Aurangabad City)

A very successful Muslim Reservation Silent Rally at Aamkhas Ground, Aurangabad.
Congratulations to all the organizers, supporters & everyone who have been a part of this issue. Jazaak Allah khair.
#Muslim #Reservation #Rally #Aurangabad #2017 (at Aurangabad, Maharashtra)

Video : Uploaded by Aurangabad Buzz.