World Heritage Day 2020 – Aurangabad Vlog

This video is all about my love for the heritage places of Aurangabad City which i have explored during my 5 years of vlogging.
I decided to keep this as my YouTube Channel trailer video.
This is supposed to be uploaded yesterday, 18th April on #WorldHeritageDay. But unfortunately, But i couldn’t make it.
I request you all to please watch this video, share the heritage sites of the city, help the tourism of the city and also #SaveOurHeritage.
Thank you.

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Lockdown 2 in Aurangabad

Today, I have uploaded a video where i have shown my concern about the people who were infected by Corona and also who are also scared at the same time. To #FightAgainstCorona we’ve this 4 objectives which i have explained in this video.

  1. Staying home.
  2. Making social distancing while going out.
  3. Use of mask and sanitizers.
  4. Don’t hide travel history/details.

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In this video i appealed to the citizens of this city to become more active and share only true facts on WhatsApp or by using any other social media app. I urge people to use the internet in safe way and for correct purpose only. Yes, no one wants this city to get more Corona patients than ever before. Please help the citizens of this city to become a safer place to live in. We’ve one more chance. We’ve to be prepared for #Lockdown2

A 2 day cricket challenge.

“Life is a game, where either you lose or you learn.” ~ Robert Kiyosaki.

It’s all about 2 days of cricket where we all had so much fun & had a healthy time together with lots of new friends.

I want to thank everyone who have been a part of this game specially Faisal Qureshi @the_himroo_man under whose captainship we were able to win these games and the series. Also Mir Imtiyazuddin @mir_imtiyaz_uddin @mirniyazuddin92, @khan_sabahat22 Shoeb and Faisal bhai who have batted amazingly. @moidafsar & @itsyebook who have taken wonderful catches. @tausi89 is really a showstopper.

Loved to see Gufran @guff_i hitting so hard wheras Syed Tanvir @syed10vir stumped me with his bowling.

1st Year Anniversary of Kaarobaar Co-working Space

An amazing evening with awesome professionals at the 1st Year Anniversary of @kaarobaar.coworking

This place is a meant for entrepreneurs and also anyone who want to start his new start-up.

I want to thank Mariyam for inviting me in this event and wish all the team members of Kaarobaar Co-working Space a great success in the future.


My New Resolutions

I know people make resolutions every year to conquer their goals. This not only helps them to achieve their aim but also build confidence and keep them motivated.

I too had made many resolutions in the past but things didn’t go well as planned. I think, here, inconsistency is not the only issue which we face when we try to achieve our aim.

So i started making a list:

1. Try to make little goals for every aim. Goals helps you to achieve the aim.

2. Give priority to your goals. The most important thing you need to do first.

3. Time is important. So decide how much time you should give to your goals and achieving your aim.

If you read the heading of the above image where i have listed ‘My New Resolutions’ and there is a reason why i haven’t wrote it My New Year Resolutions. Though i’ll implement it in this year i will add such resolutions every month and will continue to do it every day throughout the year.

This will ensure me that i have a period of one month to make it a habbit and easy to track my progress.

I would like to here your views on this blog post. Please comment down below. Thanks for reading.

Bibi ka Maqbara – Aurangabad Vlog 16

Finally, This vlog is one of my most awaited vlog. When i started vlogging on my youtube channel i knew that i would vlog this historical monument one day. But i didn’t know that it would be an enriching experience and such an amazing day.

I came here many times before and i always learnt something new whenever i visit this great place. It takes me back in the history. It’s just like time travelling to me.

I want to thank Shaikh Mudassir Nadeem for being with me throughout the vlog and helping me to know more about this place. His work in the field of exploring history of Aurangabad is amazing and i wish & congratulate him for his efforts.

Also, do follow his page Aurangabadi Musafir on social media, Links are mentioned below:

I would like to share few picture on this post which i have clicked and also like to share my concern regarding the heritage sites with you that you please preserve and aware other people regarding the safety of heritage sites of our city. These sites have a huge impact on our culture, lives and traditions. It not only represents our city but also people living here with this beautiful monument known by many names such as ‘Mini Taj’ or ‘The Taj of Deccan’

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Amateur Bodybuilding Association of Maharashtra

Today, i am so happy to announce that i have been elected as Vice-President of Amateur Body Building Association of Marathwada. Also my father Mr. Mohsin Ahmed have been re-elected as Vice President of Amateur Bodybuilding Association of Maharashtra.

I hope that this will bring new experiences in my life and work. Also i will do my best for the welfare of this association.

Thank you.

Chai pe charcha – Ask me on Instagram

Hi guys. Today, i want to chat with my instagram followers and as you all know Diwali vacations are going on so i want to know what everybody is upto.

So i am droping an ‘Ask Me’ post on my instagram story and i want you all to ask me and we’ll have some amazing disscussions over ther.

Let’s have some chai pe charcha…

I have received quite good response from my friends and followers and i am really happy that by doing this kind of conversation, i can really express well and understand more clearly about myself.

Out of all the questions i like to share these two with their answers on my blog as i think it’s very important topic for all of us to discuss upon.

Some of my suggestions to the youth are…

  1. Wake up early in the morning or leave bed as soon as you woke up.
  2. Take out time for exercise or just follow any healthy habit like walking or jogging.
  3. Eat healthy. Specially in the morning.
  4. Don’t get addicted to any stuffs… Cigarette, Hukka’s… Even your mobile phone.
  5. Read books & learn something new always.
  6. Organize your work and try to give proper time to everyone.

I think i have given good & honest suggestions. If anyone want to talk to me or want to ask me about anything then click here to DM (direct message) on Instagram.

Thank you


Cricket match at ATF Aurangabad

Had amazing time yesterday at @atfaurangabad playing Cricket.

It has been a while that i haven’t played cricket. But i think as it has been rightly said some nights are unplanned, random and spontaneous. All thanks to Mr. Faisal Quereshi and Syed Tanvir for inviting me to this amazing game.

And how can i forget @syed10vir for hitting me with the ball

I really want to thank everyone who have been a part of this game @dr_shadab_munawar_moosa @syedtawfeeque @iam_smn @yahya_alattas & and specially @the_himroo_man for always encouraging us to stay fit & healthy.

The winning shot by the one and only Mr. Faisal Qureshi (The Himroo Man)

I remember that i have created a vlog on ATF Sports Ground almost a year ago. Click below to watch the video and don’t forget to subscribe my channel. Channel link :

Thank you.

Free food donation by Sani Welfare Foundation

For more than 90 days (Friday & Saturday, Twice in a week) Sani Welfare Foundation has been providing free food to poor and homeless people at Ghati Hospital, Aurangabad.

The moto behind their efforts is to ‘Provide Food For All’ and ‘Stop Food Eradication’.
It is as simple as their tagline which they also used as thier hashtag #HungerHasNoReligion

Their work has really inspired me and made me realize that humanity still exist. Here is a video uploaded by Aurangabad Buzz YouTube Channel.

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I am honoured by this privilege. I want to thank the whole team of Sani Welfare Foundation and wish them all the best for their future.

Also i would like to request everyone to please support this cause by donating to @sani_welfare_foundation

Thank you.