Digital Marketing Tools Mastery Course

Digital Marketing Tools are an important part of digital marketing. If you want to become an expert digital marketer, you need to have a clear idea about all the digital marketing tools in the market that are available.
In this course, you will learn about all the top 100 digital marketing tools that businesses use to carry out their digital marketing campaigns.

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In this course, you will get the complete video tutorials of 100+ Digital Marketing tools from SEO, Email Marketing to Advertising and Web Hosting Tools.

Marketing is so important today but without proper knowledge and execution these actions are useless. Many people have different opinions of success. Some may think that success depends upon how much a person knows or how much they took the efforts or did hard work.

But If You will not use your knowledge in actions, then it is of no use.
The same goes for Digital Marketing.
You might know SEO, or Content Writing.
You know Email Marketing or do Paid Ads.
But Do you think only having knowledge is enough?
Absolutely, Not.

Knowledge is useless without implementation and also vice versa.
The Implementation in Digital Marketing is done through Digital Marketing Tools. Without the tools, you can’t run the campaigns and improve efficiency.

We can’t drive traffic without working on Google Ads, Facebook Ads etc. You can’t get leads nor your target customers inorganically.

Our blog, page or website can’t be trackable on search engines unless we work on SEO tools like Moz, Ahrefs etc. It helps in tracking the keywords and increase ranking.

We can’t sell products through a sales page which accepts payments from the customers and saves our time and efforts. Also most of the websites takes large amount, So this course will help you choose and decide which website to choose as your sales page company like Instapage, Leadpages, Unbounce and etc.

The same goes for Email Marketing Tools like ActiveCampaign, Convertkit etc. Where without knowing them we can’t learn to create signup forms, segmentation and automation.

But this is not the limit.

To become a successful Digital Marketer, you should know the use of each and every tool in all the modules whether it is Paid Advertising, SEO, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Landing Page and more. It saves all your time and gives you effective and measurable results. But Learning all these tools by yourself is a difficult task.

That’s why India’s Top Digital Marketer Deepak Kanakaraju has created a course named Digital Marketing Tools Mastery.

About Deepak Kanakaraju aka Digital Deepak

Deepak Kanakaraju is a Digital Marketing Consultant, Author, Trainer and Speaker. He has started his blogging journey from BikeAdvice which was a motorcycle blog. Soon, that became the No.1 Motorcycle Blog in India. In 2012, he sold this blog and enters into the field of Digital Marketing by a new blog named DigitalDeepak.

Visit his website by clicking here. ranked as one of the Top 10 Marketing Blogs in India as per Search Engine Journal. He has worked as Digital Marketing Manager in so many Big Startups like Instamojo, Razorpay, Exotel and Practo. He owns the World’s Biggest Digital Marketing Facebook Group named “Learn Digital Marketing” with over 165k members. He has also started his Digital Marketing Agency named “PixelTrack” and some of their clients are Mercedes, YourStory, HDFC Realty, Nikon.

What’s included in Digital Marketing Tools Mastery Course?
In this course, Deepak Kanakaraju will teach you about the different digital marketing tools which he used to carry out his campaigns.

The tools discussed in this course are as follows:

  • Instapage- Landing Page Creator Tool
  • Zapier- Marketing Automation Tool Review
  • Unbounce – Landing Page Creator Tool Review
  • Typeform – Survey and Research Tool
  • OptinMonster – Lead Generation Tool for Bloggers
  • WPX Hosting – Best WordPress Hosting for Bloggers
  • MindNode – Mind Mapping Tool for Brainstorming
  • Canva – Design Tool for Digital Marketers
  • Zoom Video Conferencing & Webinar Tool Review

Email Marketing Tools

  • ActiveCampaign – Email Marketing and CRM Tool
  • ConvertKit – Email Marketing Tool for Creators

SEO Tools

  • Google Search Console- Free SEO Tool for Website Owners
  • Moz Pro- SEO Analysis Tool
  • Ahrefs
  • Screaming Frog SEO Spider for Website Crawling

Web Analytics

  • Google Analytics – The Best Free Analytics Tool for Webmasters
  • Google Data Studio – Data Visualization Tool
  • Hotjar Behaviour Analytics Tool Review

Advertising Tools

  • Google Ads for Digital Marketers
  • Facebook Ads Tutorial for Beginners
  • Twitter Ads Tutorial for Beginners
  • Quora Ads Tutorial for Beginners

Video Making and Editing Tools

  • Screenflow Overview – Video Editing Tool for Mac OS

Learning Management Systems

  • Teachable – Learning Management System Review
  • Thinkific Learning Management System Review

Web Hosting and Cloud Storage Tools

  • WPX Hosting- Best WordPress Hosting for Bloggers
  • Amazon S3- The best place to Host Public Files
  • A2 Hosting- Affordable WordPress Hosting

Online Payment Tools

  • Instamojo – Collect Online Payments through Links
  • Razorpay Payment Gateway


Once you made the payment the page will be redirected to the Course where you can avail the benefits of the Digital Marketing Tools Mastery Course.