AMC Aurangabad Organized Heritage Awareness Program

A rally has been organized from Kat-Kat Gate (Islam Darwaza) to Roshan Gate to spread awareness about the importance of Historical monuments & to clean and preserve the City of Gates and the Tourism Capital of Marathwada, The Historical City Aurangabad, M.S. Below are the teachers and students of Mohsin Ahmed Urdu Primary School Who… Continue reading AMC Aurangabad Organized Heritage Awareness Program

History of my Historic City – Aurangabad

Some of the Historical Facts of Aurangabad City.Khadki was the name before Aurangabad. It was said that the population of the city was thrice more that of today.The Jumma masjid and the Kali masjid built by Malik Ambar.The Kali masjid is in Juna Bazar area and was erected in 1600 A. D.The Jumma masjid of… Continue reading History of my Historic City – Aurangabad