Lockdown 2 in Aurangabad

Today, I have uploaded a video where i have shown my concern about the people who were infected by Corona and also who are also scared at the same time. To #FightAgainstCorona we’ve this 4 objectives which i have explained in this video.

  1. Staying home.
  2. Making social distancing while going out.
  3. Use of mask and sanitizers.
  4. Don’t hide travel history/details.

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In this video i appealed to the citizens of this city to become more active and share only true facts on WhatsApp or by using any other social media app. I urge people to use the internet in safe way and for correct purpose only. Yes, no one wants this city to get more Corona patients than ever before. Please help the citizens of this city to become a safer place to live in. We’ve one more chance. We’ve to be prepared for #Lockdown2

Amateur Bodybuilding Association of Maharashtra

Today, i am so happy to announce that i have been elected as Vice-President of Amateur Body Building Association of Marathwada. Also my father Mr. Mohsin Ahmed have been re-elected as Vice President of Amateur Bodybuilding Association of Maharashtra.

I hope that this will bring new experiences in my life and work. Also i will do my best for the welfare of this association.

Thank you.