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5 Day Spoken English Workshop at Aurangabad

An awesome education week happened last year (15 to 19 December) in 2017 where i have learnt lots of things and met new talented teachers. They all have come from different backgrounds but everyone of us has some special talent and skill which i have tried to understand that not only makes them a good … Continue reading 5 Day Spoken English Workshop at Aurangabad

99 Names of Allah with Meanings in English

99 NAMES OF ALLAHAr Rehman(The Beneficent)Al-Akhir(The Last)Al-Azim(The Great One)Al ‘Afuw(The Pardoner)Al-'Aleem(The All Knowing)Al-Awwal(The First)Al-'Aliyyo(The Most High)Al ‘Aziz(The Mighty)Al Ahad(The One)Al-Baaqi(The Everlasting)Al-Basit(The Expander)Al-Baatin(The Hidden)Al-Baa’is(The Resurrector)Al-Bari(The Evolver)Al-Barro(Source of all Goodness)Al-Baseer(The All Seeing)Al-Fattaho(The Opener)Al-Ghaffar(The Forgiver)Al-Ghafur(The All Forgiving)Al-Ghani(Self Sufficient)Al-Hakam(The Judge)Al-Hakim(The Wise)Al-Haleem(The Forbearing One)Al-Hamid(The Praiseworthy)Al-Haqq(The Truth)Al-Hasib(The Reckoner)Al-Jaame(The Gatherer)Al-Jabbar(The Compeller)Al-Jalil(The Sublime One)Al-Kabeer(The Most Great)Al-Khabeer(The Aware)Al-Kareem(The Generous One)Al-Khaafezo(The Abaser)Al-Khaliq(The Creator)Al-Maleko(The Sovereign Lord)Al-Majid(Most … Continue reading 99 Names of Allah with Meanings in English