70 of the Most Major Sin’s

Assalaam u alaikum.Below are the 70 Major Sins which are unlawful and illegal in Islam. The punishments of this Major Sins are very severe and if anybody repents with true heart (and also wills to never return to sins again) then, in sha Allah, the repentance is accepted by Almighty Allah.01. Associating anything with Allah02.… Continue reading 70 of the Most Major Sin’s

99 Names of Allah with Meanings in English

99 NAMES OF ALLAHAr Rehman(The Beneficent)Al-Akhir(The Last)Al-Azim(The Great One)Al ‘Afuw(The Pardoner)Al-'Aleem(The All Knowing)Al-Awwal(The First)Al-'Aliyyo(The Most High)Al ‘Aziz(The Mighty)Al Ahad(The One)Al-Baaqi(The Everlasting)Al-Basit(The Expander)Al-Baatin(The Hidden)Al-Baa’is(The Resurrector)Al-Bari(The Evolver)Al-Barro(Source of all Goodness)Al-Baseer(The All Seeing)Al-Fattaho(The Opener)Al-Ghaffar(The Forgiver)Al-Ghafur(The All Forgiving)Al-Ghani(Self Sufficient)Al-Hakam(The Judge)Al-Hakim(The Wise)Al-Haleem(The Forbearing One)Al-Hamid(The Praiseworthy)Al-Haqq(The Truth)Al-Hasib(The Reckoner)Al-Jaame(The Gatherer)Al-Jabbar(The Compeller)Al-Jalil(The Sublime One)Al-Kabeer(The Most Great)Al-Khabeer(The Aware)Al-Kareem(The Generous One)Al-Khaafezo(The Abaser)Al-Khaliq(The Creator)Al-Maleko(The Sovereign Lord)Al-Majid(Most… Continue reading 99 Names of Allah with Meanings in English

Necessity of Controllig Nafs-e-Ammara for being closer to Allah

Necessity of Controllig Nafs-e-Ammara for being closer to AllahNAFS: Three types of Nafs. Nafs -e- Ammara, Nafs -e- Lawama , Nafs-e-Mutmayenna. Nafs-e-Ammara: It is very dirty, worst, and sinful. As such always try to provocate for doing sinful work. It does not repent after doing sin. It is uncultured, shameless and immodest. Nafs-e-Lawama: It is… Continue reading Necessity of Controllig Nafs-e-Ammara for being closer to Allah