A Day at Himayat Bagh

Everyone knows that Aurangabad is well known for its tourism and heritage sites like Bibi ka Maqbara (The Taj of Deccan) which is the replica of Taj Mahal and also for the Ajanta and Ellora Caves which are named under UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

But this not the only reason why Aurangabad is famous for… There are many things which differs Aurangabad from the rest of historical and tourist places. From culture to tradition, food to clothing and from the language to the lifestyle of the people with many diversities is what makes Aurangabad a must checkout place to visit for anyone.

Recently, Aurangabad has blessed with ample amount of rainwater in this season. It is said that such rain has been seen after over a decade where a a local water reservoir records 100% water in its storage.

Many places have been filled with the rainwater and so as Himayat Bagh where you can see any people who came with friends and families are enjoying waterfall.

I want to thank my friend Junaid Khan Sir without whom visiting Himayat Bagh wouldn’t have been possible.

Here are some photographs which i have clicked at Himayat Bagh, Delhi Gate, Aurangabad.

Click below to download these photographs. (Approx 75 MB)

I have also created a vlog on Himayat Bagh for my YouTube Channel. Please watch it here or on YouTube and do comment, like and share my video and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel. Thank you.

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