How to create a Customer Avatar for your Business – Day 2 with Digital Deepak

Yesss.! This is what i said when i get my first assignment approved by Deepak Kanakaraju’s (Digital Deepak) Digital Marketing Internship Program and not just that i also received Rs. 1100 on the approval. This internship program comes with many perks. It’s not only a Digital Marketing Course that helps you understand Digital Marketing but also helps you to understand it’s working and execution effectively with the help of assignments.

If you haven’t read my previous blog about the introduction of this course by Digital Deepak then you can read it by clicking here.


So let me tell you about the second assignment given in the previous week and i.e To create a Customer Avatar for your Brand/Business.

Firstly, What Is Customer Avatar?

Let’s understand customer avatar in the simplest way, what if I tell you to sell something to a person? You have to know that person better and try to understand what are his/her needs. Right? Mostly yes, but their need comes from their work background, education, hobbies, and etc. So the first task will be knowing these details about your customer. But when it comes to more number of people like in thousands then you can collect such data using a survey method. You cannot create a marketing strategy for each individual so what you will do is to look for similar answers and making one ideal customer whose details match most of the customers. Now let’s look at what is the actual definition of Customer Avatar.

A customer avatar is a detailed profile of your ideal customer. It doesn’t make assumptions or categorize people into groups. The avatar focusses on one person and outlines everything about them. It goes into much greater depth than a regular marketing persona, providing marketers with many more targeting tools.

Source:  Einstien Marketer

I also searched about this on Google where i came across the below image which has helped me better to understand the 4 Dimensional Customer Avatar.

So, i think now you get the idea of what is exactly Customer Avatar. So let’s move on to the next step which is how to create your own customer avatar.

Customer Avatar

How To Create Customer Avatar?

The first thing you will be requiring is questions to build a customer avatar survey. A few of the questions are listed below. You can use those or make your own question which you think will help you to know your customer better. I recommend Google Forms as most of the survey companies offer limited questions in the free version of service. Simply visit google forms and create your own forms just like I did for my 2nd assignment. You can check and fill out my Customer Avatar Survey form to understand better. 

Once you created your own customer avatar survey form simply share with people on your social media or using ads to get the most possible response. This reminds me of a law that Deepak Kanakaraju has shared during the second class. The law of larger numbers, the larger the no. of responses the most accurate your data will be. If you want to know more just search about it and you will find it tons of articles on the topic. Let’s see how the response we got from people looks like.

After you got all the data as shown above. Now, you need to be a little bit creative about a person you want to make your ideal customer. The first thing is extracting data from the responses we have received as shown below.

Right after you got all the data as shown above. Now, you need to be a little bit creative about a person you want to make your ideal customer. The first thing is extracting data from the responses we have received and write it as below to keep it simple and easy to understand. As shown below.

Name: Kamran (A random name for the Avatar)

Age: 18 – 24 Years

Gender: Male

Location: Aurangabad

Annual Income: ₹1 – 2 Lakhs

Education: Undergraduate

Marital Status: Unmarried

Type of person: Extrovert

Current Work Status: Freelancers

Preferred Mode of Digital Education: Online Courses

First Thing To Check-In Morning: Instagram

Phone Using: Android

Laptop/Computer: Windows

Now you have details let’s bring some life into it. You can simply write a description of a
person like you are introducing your friend to someone. Just keep in mind to add these
details while introducing. That’s it, you successfully prepared a customer avatar for your
business. Isn’t this simple? Similarly, I prepared a customer avatar for my business
according to the responses I received. So i want you all to meet – Kamran.


Kamran is 21 years old and lives in Aurangabad in the Tier-II city of Maharashtra. He is currently an undergraduate and a final year student. Kamran is currently doing freelancing and is a technology enthusiast. He is very active on Instagram and prefers to check it at first overall other social media. When it comes to learning online he prefers online courses rather than ebook or live webinars. Kamran is an Extrovert. He uses Windows Laptop/Computer and Android phone in day to day life for computer-oriented tasks.

Well, that’s it in this article let me know if you have created your own customer avatar in comments below. Thank you so much.

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