Digital Marketing Internship – Day 1 with DigitalDeepak

Today the world is going digital and we’re more into technology than ever before. Not just people who do jobs in MNCs or IT companies and can do work from home. But almost everyone who is facing lockdown. Since the lockdown had started many are spending more time either to learn something new or to connect with friends and family on the internet like installing online chatting apps other than WhatsApp like Helo and Telegram, Playing Ludo or any multiplayer games, Live video calling and Online Workshop and Webinar apps like Google Meet and Zoom. I also know people who are too much busy in their schedule and are very busy to take out time for themselves and for their friends and family have recently joined Facebook and Instagram because they want to live more and don’t want to face boredom at home.

Here, In this lockdown, i want to share with you about what is the most amazing thing i’ve found on the internet. A great way of learning Digital Marketing by a great mentor Digital Deepak. I have just joined the internship 10 days ago through a Zoom app link which was shared to me by my friend Vaibhav Kulkarni and for which i want to thank him in this blog post. There is many reasons why i want to join this internship program but let me first tell you this is not the first time when i wanted to get enrolled for this program.

I  came to know about Deepak Kanakaraju in June 2018. I was searching content related to blogging where i reached to his website – and then after reading a few of his posts i signed up for blogging tips newsletter where he had not only cleared my myths on blogging but has motivated me to continue blogging as my passion and how-to earn part-time.

On 1st August 2018, he has sent an email announcing the Digital Marketing Mastery Program where he had designed 7 crucial digital marketing skills into a Mastery Course which includes SEO, Adwords, Facebook Ads, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Affiliate and Analytics Mastery. But because of some financial issues, i was unable to join the program.

The price was not only the issue which i was facing but also the lack of confidence which kept me away from buying online products especially courses on the internet. Anyhow, i was not able to purchase the course and hence was unable to join the program but i was looking forward to such a course where i can learn so many things under one roof and with an experienced person in digital marketing. And finally the wait is over when i got to know about this internship program in the webinar as Deepak K. has announced the Internship Program – Batch 3 with an amazing discount offer.

The program is unique in many ways. There are over 800 people who have participated in the webinar from almost all age groups. Some are participated to learn new things, some want to have an idea of what is exactly digital marketing & how it works and some want to grow as a digital marketing professional. But frankly speaking, i’ve never seen so many people attending in a webinar. My mentor and host of the webinar Deepak K. shared stories from his life where he had started blogging and worked for his brands and then how he started Digital Deepak and become an expert in digital marketing. His body language and knowledge of his field had made every one of us understand his concepts related to digital marketing in the future, the global economy and how India can grow in marketing and be a powerful country even in such crises has convinced me. All i can say that attending this webinar, i am very much crystal clear and have no doubt believing Deepak K. Sir as my mentor.

Above all things, i like the main objective of this program is 100% learning with proper execution. I have enrolled in few online courses which guarantee you to become a Digital Marketing Expert but there is no proper evaluation or test or just provide you with their certification whereas in this Internship Program by Digital Deepak every person who is enrolled had to give a test or assignment. The reason you’re reading this blog post is a part of the assignment. Not just that, The people who’ve enrolled for the Internship Program will be getting paid after approval of every assignment. And Yes, There is certification on the completion of the course too. There are few important points which i’ve noted down from the webinar which will help one to become and grow as a good Digital Marketing Expert.

Digital Deepak – 1st Class

  • Know what you want from your life.
  • Know what you want to do.
  • Set your Goal. ( Ex: Reach 1000 customers).
  • Communication is the Key.
  • Good English and vocabulary.
  • Read books on economics and also read a lot (30 minutes a day) – start with simple.
  • Thinking in English.
  • Listen to podcast.
  • Write a lot – (500 words a day)
  • Watch English sitcoms (The Office, Seinfeld, Silicon Valley, Mad Man, Friends, Breaking Bad etc)
  • Watch stand up comedy shows to learn culture and local slang.

Deepak K. has shared a few of his Power Point slides with every one of us and even made us write short alphabets in the chat box. Like MT for Mass Trust. This made many of us to remember and believe in the learning process. What made many of us to easily understand is the algorithm and charts made in the presentation. Like the image shown below which helps us to understand how content marketing is done.

I’ve really enjoyed the webinar and i am looking forward to more such webinars where i can learn, share and grow my passion as a Blogger, Digital Marketing Expert and a Social Media Influencer.

Thank you so much Digital Deepak.

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