Lockdown 4 in Aurangabad

As we all know our country – India has witnessed 3 phases of lockdown till 17th May 2020. And now as the Corona cases are increasing day-by-day and more people are getting quarantined reaching a total number of 962, especially after 3 days (15,16 and 17th May) of strict lockdown in my city – Aurangabad as ordered suddenly by the AMC Commissioner – Astik Kumar Pandey on Twitter after 11 PM without any prior notification.

But i woke up today for Saheri (Also known as Sahur or Suhoor) – Which is a morning meal to be consumed before keeping Roza (Fasting) at the time of Tahajjud. I came to know that the Divisional Commissioner of Aurangabad has ordered a strict lockdown for 3 days until 20th May 2020. I and everyone in my family are unhappy with the decision, not because we want to go out and do a party after 17th May but because we want to buy some groceries which have been almost empty today. We don’t know what should we do for the next 3 days.?

In the afternoon i came across some news on Twitter which left me in another shock that Uddhav Thackeray ji, CM of Maharashtra has announced another extension of lockdown 4 until 31st May 2020.

I totally understand the increasing numbers of corona patients in Maharashtra State but just imagine the poor people and especially those who earn money on daily wages. There are lots of families who have no support or anyone who can provide meals for a single day. We all know businesses are on the verge of closing and some small-scale businesses had a huge loss. Labours and workers have been broken completely. Many of the workers have not received their monthly salaries and are also found walking hundreds of kilometres to reach their homes. In this situation, people can’t help themselves.

I myself had received phone calls and WhatsApp messages from my friends asking for money and food items for the needy and poor people. We all know that in this fight against the corona pandemic everyone is giving their best in reaching people and helping them but i also understand everyone has their own physical and financial limitations.

But i want to ask the Administrative Officials and the Government, Are they providing enough resources to the needy people? or is the system is made so strict that even the person with the money is ordered to remain silent in their home unless he himself becomes helpless? I saw many NGOs and their young volunteers helping people and putting their everything on the line just for the sake of humanity. Not only for humans but for animals too.

Many of those who read this post may argue and totally disagree with me but this is a fact that i want to share with everyone. Many countries have more Corona patients than us but have opened shops for the need of the people whilst following social distancing. It was so sad to see the liquor shops were ordered to open in the previous week which not only created masses to gather on the roads but also infected many more people with COVID-19. Is this how we will tackle the issue of the pandemic which caused millions of lives around the world? Thankfully we don’t have to see this in Aurangabad. I want to thank those politicians and leaders who raised their voice against the liquor and stopped it from spreading corona in the city.

In these 2 days, a total of 120 patients is detected in Aurangabad. i.e 59 new cases on Saturday and 61 on Sunday. Even after the strict lockdown, the numbers are increasing. Which i don’t know how but if proper planning is done many issues would be resolved. I suggest opening shops for some hours or on odd and even days so that people can shop by practising social and physical distancing. This has also resulted in a low number of corona-detection cases in Aurangabad. I also heard the AMC Commissioner will make it easy for people to purchase food items in their respective areas through vegetables/fruits on wheels. I don’t know how it will be executed but this will definitely help many people and bring comfort to the citizens of Aurangabad City.

In my previous blog post – Content Creators Meet-up i told you that I’ll share with you the story behind this photo.

So here it is, In the first week of December 2019 i tested positive for Dengue and was admitted for about a week in the hospital. I had to organize this meetup in the month as it was being delayed since the mid of June 2019. I asked my friends Shafique Khan and Syed Sohel aka Sky Sam to please help me with the invitees and also host the event. Also finding a place to host the event was done them. They have fully supported me in the event and i want to thank both of them and the venue partner – Sufees Lounge for their support.

I was so taken aback and unmotivated thoughts comes to me as there were a few incidents of death due to dengue happened in Aurangabad City. But i thank Allah that HE gave me good health and a new life, Again. Alhumdulillah.

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