Content Creators Meet-up

Everyone has been posting something important on their feeds/profile/timeline or whatever you called it with the hashtag #LatePost and i was also thinking about what i missed to post on social media?

I had to look into my phone gallery app and keep on scrolling until i found dozens of pics of YouTube Meetup 5.0. which was happened on 14th December 2019. Exactly 5 months from today. Here is the poster of the event.

YouTube Meet-up 5.0 was an event which was powered by Blog Vlog and organised by Aurangabad Buzz in Aurangabad City. The meetup was called by me and my friends Shafiq Khan and Sky Sam (Syed Sohail) who also were the hosts of the event.

So here are some photos of the event with all the content creators of Aurangabad including Bloggers, Tiktokers and YouTubers who have been present in the event.

I was like really? Did i totally forgot to post this? But later i scroll my gallery app and also found a photo of mine which was the reason for not posting about this event on social media platforms and on my blog on the right time. Here is that pic…

What did you think that i am going through?

I would talk about this in my next blogpost and will let you know the reason behind why i am not in any of the photographs of that event. But here are few vlogs of some youtubers who have shoot a small part of their vlog with me as i have organised this meetup.

I also want to thank our venue partner Sufees Lounge and Social Media partners Aurangabad Buzz, We Love Aurangabad and Unicorn Wings of India without whom this meetup wouldn’t be possible.

Thank you to all the content creators for their love and support. We’ll sure meet and have an amazing meetup after the lockdown ends.

Thank you once again. Stay safe and stay at home.

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