My New Resolutions

I know people make resolutions every year to conquer their goals. This not only helps them to achieve their aim but also build confidence and keep them motivated.

I too had made many resolutions in the past but things didn’t go well as planned. I think, here, inconsistency is not the only issue which we face when we try to achieve our aim.

So i started making a list:

1. Try to make little goals for every aim. Goals helps you to achieve the aim.

2. Give priority to your goals. The most important thing you need to do first.

3. Time is important. So decide how much time you should give to your goals and achieving your aim.

If you read the heading of the above image where i have listed ‘My New Resolutions’ and there is a reason why i haven’t wrote it My New Year Resolutions. Though i’ll implement it in this year i will add such resolutions every month and will continue to do it every day throughout the year.

This will ensure me that i have a period of one month to make it a habbit and easy to track my progress.

I would like to here your views on this blog post. Please comment down below. Thanks for reading.

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