Happy Anniversary – 5 years

Assalaam u alaikum.

Today, We’ve completed 5 years of our married life & i really don’t know how time has passed so fast.

In our relationship we have many good, funny & lovable moments and also some bad ones which again help us to come more closer with affection & respect to each other.

I think this is what relationship is all about. It has lots of understanding. We may not able to recognize our emotions & feelings but i believe every time we grow our relationship & understanding also grows and this is what makes our relationship more special ❤️

We came much closer after our daughter Hanifa was born. She is cute, funny & so adorable. She has strengthened our relationship and a precious gift from Allah Ta’ala to us. I really admire all that you do for Hanifa & for the Family and make dua to Allah the HE gave you more success, patience, strength & every goodness of this world and bless you in Jannah. Ameen.

I want to thank you for everything that you did for the sake of our love & relationship and want to let you know that in sha Allah there is a lots of happiness & surprises waiting for us in the future.

Lastly from the deepest corner of my heart i want to say that i want to be your closest buddy and a true friend who have lots of respect, care & love for you & for our relationship and will be there for you till the end of my life.

I Love You – Afreen.

Alhamdulillah. Jazaak Allah.

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