Mistake in my MahaTET Admit Card

Today i logged in to my MahaTET Dashboard after some time and the first thing i noticed was the new date of the examination which was changed from 8 July to 15 July 2018. I am too happy about the extension of the time i have got to prepare one week more for TET Examination. I read about why this change happened that’s because the dates of filling the exam form for the teachers were extended and though i really appreciate the decision been made.

Then i have clicked the Admit Card link to download and checked my Name, Center Name and everything in the Admit Card. A new thing which i never saw before in the TET Admit Card was the QR Code. I scanned both of my Admit Cards (Paper 1 and Paper 2) via QR Scan Android App but found a different result of my Paper 1 QR Code.

QR Codes shows a text message of the seat number of the applicant.

So at first i thought i may be doing some thing wrong or may be the app is having any error to read the code but after installing so many different QR Code Apps from the Google Play Store the results of my Paper 1 seems to be the same. I also checked two more Admit Cards and they showed correct seat numbers but i don’t know what has happened with my Paper 1 Admit Card QR Code.

I have also attached my Paper 1 Admit Card for the reference. My seat no.: 5117210326 which after scanning the QR Code shows 5117210486.

So, Yesterday, i decided to write an email to the MahaTET : msce.mahatet2018@gmail.com 

Today, I have also called on helpline no. : 1800-267-2233. The support didn’t know what’s gone wrong. So they have noted my seat number and email and asked me to call later.

I request every MahaTET Applicant to scan QR Code as this will have negative impact on TET Examination and if these QR Codes get printed on our answer sheets then there are chances of the marks getting interchanged after the scanning of the QR Codes.

Thank you.

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