Justice for Asifa

Today, I ask for Humanity and Justice. And not for myself but for a poor innocent and helpless girl who haven’t seen this world. Who barely knows about life. She might had many dreams to achieve. She would have been princess to her parents for sure. But she is no more…
An 8 year old infant Kashmiri girl who was kidnapped. Gang raped in a Hindu Temple for 8 days. Then killed by the rapists . Her dead body was later found dumped on the street.
Where is Humanity? Where is Justice?
#HangRapists #JusticeForAsifa
I do not have words to describe of what pain she has gone through. It’s so sad to hear that a group of men gang raped a minor girl brutally inside a Temple – A place where people worship to their God for 8 days. This is something that even animals don’t do.
Do they forget that God is All-seeing and All-aware of what they do before committing this heinous act.


Why men don’t understand that there is another gender exists on this earth who are to be cared and respected. Is being a girl is a sin.?


As a citizen of this country we should demand strict laws regarding rapes and killings so that the sinners should think multiple times before doing it. I really feel there is a lot for men today to get educated about. I think it’s our responsibility to educate our children, youngsters, friends, family members & even adults to respect women though even they know about it. Their should be a regular teachings of our religion so that a person should remember and didn’t get astray in following the footsteps of Satan and in this way his Imaan (faith) will always gets recharged and also this will help his soul to do more good deeds and help himself to stay away from bad deeds.
Thank you.

One thought on “Justice for Asifa

  1. This incident is sickening. I honestly cannot understand how these men justify these acts to themselves. It wasn’t one madman whose depravity is on display here but an entire group who have done this and repeatedly – over a period of 8 days. The violence and brutality spreading through the country make one shudder.


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