Happy Teachers Day

Here i am… to my blog. After exact 3 months, Yes that’s straight 90 days. You all might be thinking ‘Where i have been.?’ (Ooh but who wants to know that…) Did i forget that i have a blog.? or to Post.? or i don’t bothered to blog anymore.?

The answer is a big NO.! I have been busy with my school.

A new year starts with January but for teachers its starts with June. For a teacher every year comes with new aims, new goals, new challenges and new children’s. As days are passing by i am taking my profession as my first priority and completing every task as a responsibility. But this didn’t meant that i am not blogging anymore. The reason for not posting regularly on this blog is i am not getting enough time to where i can think of and post something about myself. I was active on Facebook, Google+, Instagram and some other social media sites and share those feeds with my Tumblr Blog.

Today is Teachers Day and i want to say thank you to all my teachers who have helped me and supported me to become a good human being and a responsible citizen of this country. I will always remember you in my Dua’s and i pray to Allah that he grant you all with his peace & blessings and success in this Duniya and Aakhira. Ameen.

There can be no better profession which educates, informs, prepares, inspires & encourages at the same time.
Happy #TeachersDay

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