Android N – Naan Qalia

Android M stands for Marshmallow. But what Android N means. Yes the Android N needs a new name.

Here is the Video :

How about Naan Qalia – A special dish made in the historic Aurangabad City. Liked by many people of the Maharashtra State, India. People eat it, specially, i big occasions and also in celebrations and birthday, marriage parties. It can be categorized according to its various ingredients in which it is made but its really a type of a Non-Veg different and i bet you can’t eat just one.

About Naan Qalia on Wikipedia :

Naan Qalia
Naan Qalia

I just tweet on my twitter (@sknomanahmed) to support Naan Qalia


Hope Professional Naming, Inc. will choose the name of Naan Qalia. To submit please visit

Naan Qalia
Naan Qalia

Thank you.

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