Ctrl-Alt-Del Keys | Its meaning in our lives

What reminds you when you see this picture below or when you read this :(Ctrl+Alt+Del) We all used it once in our lives, specially if a person is a computer user since when he was in 3rd Class. And, Yes, we hate using all these three keys together on our keyboard…

We use them when we get a computer error while working, playing or simply when the computer just started i.e at the booting process and your screen gets blue… You know that your computer is not equipped with the required hardware to load all those files in it and it also didn’t have antivirus software installed.

Despite of all the acknowledgement we face all these challenges and say ‘Oh, this PC gets hang again’ and forcefully presses those three keys simultaneously hoping that this may resolve the problem occurred and pur computer gets back again to its normal routine… but, mostly, it won’t.!

I found this picture on the internet and realized the importance of these three keys in our lives.

The all new definition for Ctrl-Alt-Del.


Ctrl – Control yourself.
Alt – Look for alternative solutions.
Del – Delete situations that give you tension and negative energy.

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