We want Digital India but Net Neutrality too

Today, When i opened Facebook i found a message above ‘Support Digital India’.

First of all, I don’t understand how by changing the profile pic i can transform India into a digitally empowered society. Secondly, I doubt whether this have any connection with internet.org and i found some evidence.

Imagine a situation when your electricity company says you have to purchase a Luxury Pack to use an air conditioner; you have to buy a Necessity Pack to use your refrigerator; you need to purchase a Comfort Pack to use your hair dryer or an electric trimmer.

And then they say, “Hey, I would give you a 50% discount if you use Voltas air conditioners. But no discount if you use other brands.”, So how do you feel.?



In case you don’t know what is Net Neutrality?

1) All content available on the internet is equal and all websites must be equally accessible to everyone.

2) Once you pay for an internet plan, you should be allowed to access any website you want, without discrimination or restriction.

3) No matter which telecom operator is providing you internet services, you should be able to access all date on the internet at the same speed.

Here are some websites/blogs which you can easily refer to whats happening on Net Neutrality…


Internet.org by NextBigWhat.com
Internet.org by NextBigWhat.com




Facebook founder Mark Z. has talked about this issue and he said ‘It’s important to get net neutrality debate right in India‘ and later Mark told the media about How strongly he believe in Net Neutrality.


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