Time waits for nobody

Hi Everyone,

After really a hectic time, almost 50 days, i am back to post on my blog to say something what really matters to me. And this is something which i am very much conscious about…It’s the Time.

Time is something which goes on… and once gone never comes back.

I realized it when i was busy, late & specially in the weekend when there is a lot of burden which i have to complete and start with the new day – Monday. Here is where Time Management steps in.

It is rightly said, “Time is the currency of the twenty-first century”.

A very good proverb by Sam Levenson : Don’t watch the clock; do what it does. Keep going.

I think completing our work effectively, efficiently and on time is the best way to finish any work. We have a tendency to complete all the work we had in a single day or in a hour. Which is why this results in unsatisfactory execution of the work and the situations starts to get worse if it does not goes the way it should be.

Time is all about priority and is really an important aspect of life.


Time Management can be optimized by creating Lists.:

1) To-do lists : Creating To-do lists is a great way of reminding yourself of the things which you have to complete in a given time or day. Creating to-do lists helps you remember things and allows you to execute it in a sequentially order.
Note : Make to-do list if you have a dozens of the work to do. Because study shows that you will loose your habit of remembering things.

2) Not To-do lists : Now, this is something which probably you haven’t heard about. This is a list created for the things which you shouldn’t do on regular basis. The idea behind this is to deal with a particular situation and, sometimes, neglecting it.

This list can be maintained on regular basis or from time to time depending about the situations and the amount of work load you have. You can create one day before or before going to bed.
You’ll feel that it really simplifies the things around you will be able to do any sort of work comfortably with confidence.

A man who dares to waste one hour of life has not discovered the value of life – Charles Darwin.

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