Good Bye Orkut – Thank you


Today i am a little bit sad as today is the last day of my first social network – Orkut.
I have really enjoyed it a lot and it has always been entertaining, fun and i have learnt a lot through the activities which we do while scraping and use the communities as QA (Questioning and Answering) people and also in voting Polls.

Many people left orkut because Facebook, Myspace etc. They have overtaken Orkut in Features and Design. The people behind orkut have really tried to make every thing possible to make a space into the heart of the users and they have almost accomplished it any how but later Google’s very own Google Plus have launched which results into the shutdown of Orkut. As Google wants to concentrate on the products like G+, Blogger and Picasa to run better on the internet and want people to make use of it efficiently.

I have taken a screenshot of my last update and status on Orkut. which i want to share with you all.
(Please click on the image to view it in its original size).

Click the below link to know how you can export your orkut data via Google #Takeout like Scraps, Testimonials, Scraps, Images etc. Last date is 7 October.
Good Bye Orkut – Thank you.

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