Scholarship for Poor Muslim Students

Very important info
plz forward/share as much as possible !

Appear in a Exam,
Qualify and gain scholarship as equal to your course fee of Higher Education ! ! !

Ghareeb aur financially weak muslim students jo higher education lena chahte ho
un K liye
UIA – United Islamic Aid ne IRF Educational Scholarship announce ki hai !

Details >
> Deeniyat ki knowledge rakhnewale students
> Ghareeb / Yateem / Fees na de pane wale students ko preference
> Student ki  educational performance bhi theek ho
> Higher Education such as
UPSC etc K liye scholarship di jayegi
> Is K liye ek written test hoga jisme more than 75% question Al-Quran-Al-Karim par based honge
baqi Deeniyat se related honge
> Exam me qualify karne par personal interview hoga
> Usme pass hone par us student K liye UIA Foundation 100% course fees pay karega !
G haan , 100% course fees will be paid by UIA !

Exam centres :
Maharashtra :
1. Mumbai
2. Pune
3. Aurangabad
4. Malegaon
5. Akot
Out of Maharashtra :
1. New Delhi
2. Kolkata
3. Bengaluru
4. Hyderabad
5. Chennai

Note : In Maharashtra the exam will be conducted in Urdu and English and out of MS it will be in English only !

Exam date :
1st June 2014
Time :  9 am

To apply for this scholarship plz visit the IRF Office at
S.V.P. Road,




simply visit
and download the form !

2009 se ye Foundation scholarships organised kar raha hai jisme ab tak 5 crore se zyada amount distribute ho chuki hain
for the eductional year 2014-2015, the UIA has arranged more than 1 crore rupees for Scholarship programs !
So don’t miss it,
forward share as much as possible
ho sakta hai kisi ghareeb student ko is scholarship ki help mil jaye aur woh higher education complete kar paye !

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