A bid’ah checklist

A bid’ah checklist, what follows is a list of some common innovations and practices that oppose the sunnah and that are widespread especially amongst the sub-continent. Do you fall into any of these practices?

– Celebrating Shabe ba’rat (15th of Shaban)
– Nazar O Niyaz
– Celebrating Milaad un Nabi
– Giyarwee shareef
– Seeking aid from the dead
– Playing Qawalli in the Masjids
– Arrogantly throwing money on naat reciters
– Seeking tabarruk through the belongings of a peer
– Travelling half way across the world to visit a shrine
– Wiping the neck in Wudhu
– Wiping the face after duaa
– Reciting naats after the funeral prayer
– Giving adhaan at the graveside after the burial of the dead
– Believing the Prophet is noor from the noor of Allah
– Doing Istikhara for others
– Salat al-Ghausia
– Teeja
– Daswaan
– Chaliswaan
– Durrod e Taj
– Durood e Akbar
– Durood e Ghousia
– Khatam e Ghousia
– Khatam e Qadria
– Khatam e Khwajgan
– Khatam e Shifa
– Saying out Loud intention for prayer
– Spinning around in circles in the masjid
– Salat al Ragihaaib
– Saying Jumuah Mubarak
– Saying Sadaqa Allahul Adheem after recitation of Quraan
– Making group dua’a after the congregational prayer

– Gathering to recite Yasin and make tasbeeh and send rewards to the dead

– Kissing cloths used to cover tombs of saints and using them to seek nearness to Allah

– Swinging the head from side to side whilst repeating Hu Hu or Allah Allah

– Gathering after Jumuah prayer to recite salawaat as a congregation

– Reciting made up wazeefas from peer (e.g recite such and such 999 times for good health)

– Believing the Prophet (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) knew when the final hour would occur

– Believing the Prophet (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) didn’t have a shadow

– Kissing the thumbs and wiping eyes when hearing the Prophets (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) name

– Urs Mubarak (Celebrating the festivals of saints that have passed away on a yearly basis)

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