Things i have learnt from Wrestlemania 30

Hi Friends,

Today i want to share with you about how i feel watching Wrestlemania 30 and the 3 things i learnt from it.
Wrestlemania is one of the greatest event in the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) and this year it has one of the best matches in the Event. I liked all the matches but one match which i was specially excited for the Streak match (i.e Undertaker vs. Brock Lesnar).

1  –  30 Man Royal Battle for the Andre the Giant Trophy match.

This match was very exciting. It is like a Royal Rumble match. I always love Royal Rumble Event held in January every year. Because the suspense and fun it had of knowing who will be the final winner. At this Event i want the Big Show to win. No doubt people compared him with Andre and he is also the most powerful man in WWE. But I was surprised at the end when Antonio Wins the match by throwing Big Show from the top of the rope.

Here is what i have learnt : Power means nothing but what matters is the strength you have and how smartly you play the game.

2  –  Daniel Bryan wins from Triple H and also Won the World Heavyweight Championship and WWE Titles.

Daniel Bryan is one of the top best players in WWE and ‘Yes’ he is in the Top. Every people chanting ‘Yes’ not because they like it to chant but they support him for what has happened with him. He played the games fairly in the past when Triple H pedigree him (as an referee) and count 3 on him so that Randy Orton should win and be the new face of the WWE. At this event Daniel bryan not only defeat Triple H but knocked out Batista and Randy orton.

Here is what i have learnt : Be on the Correct path and play with Honesty. Definatly you’ll Win.

3  –  Brock Lesnar vs. The Undertaker.

I fully support Brock Lesnar because i think he has what none of the other superstars in the entire WWE has. He is an athelete, a warrior with full of Power and Quickness. Both the Undertaker and Brock Lesnar gave everything what they have, but Brock was awesome. He punched undertaker hardly and has given 3 F-5’s to the Phenom. He brock the House Gate 2 times and his own Commora lock. He has done what 21 times the superstars has failed to do it.

What i have learnt from Brock Lesnar is However the circumstances would be just be solid and hard and not Giving Up.!

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