Stop consumption of Cigarette and Alcohol

Beware Friends :

There are lot of people, specially youngsters, who have lost their lives for the following Bad Habbits…

1- Ciggarette
2- Liquor (Alcohol)

The production of these two things have been consumed a lot & have been produced in India on a large quantities in these days. People are blindly making it their part of life or daily routine without knowing its harmful effects on the body & as a result the young face of India is also facing big problems as these brings many diseases and after few months the person causes cancer & soon he/she dies.

– It is one of the Major Sin.
– It didn’t allow the body to Build or Grow but Worsen its Condition.
– Beauty is lost from the Face & Body.
– It Doesn’t allow to do Hardwork.
– The person cannot do any physical work.
– Lost of Patience.
– Lost of Respect.
– Following on ethics & Religion is almost impossible.
These are just few examples.

The more the consumption, the more waste of the Life of the Person.

Please Stop this Act & follow healthy habbits & drinks eg.: Juice.
Which is beneficial for the physical, mental and psychological health & worth your Money.

Thnx & pls share…

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