Necessity of Controllig Nafs-e-Ammara for being closer to Allah

Necessity of Controllig Nafs-e-Ammara for being closer to Allah

NAFS: Three types of Nafs.

Nafs -e- Ammara,
Nafs -e- Lawama ,

Nafs-e-Ammara: It is very dirty, worst, and sinful. As such always try to provocate for doing sinful work. It does not repent after doing sin. It is uncultured, shameless and immodest.

Nafs-e-Lawama: It is a bit modest and pious. As such it can identify good and bad. If it does any wrong , then & then it repent for that and self reproach is created.

Nafs-e-Mutmayenna: This is educated and perfectly pious. It never does any wrong and sin. It becomes visible due to enlightening by luster of Allah. Until and unless the internal enemy (six inherent passions of man) is controlled, a man cannot become pious and achieve the Mohabbat (Love/Friendship) of Allah.

It is not possible to become favorite to Allah unless a man make his Nafs(Desires) free from bad habits including Excess drinking & Eating, Excess talking, Excess sleeping, Anger, Hot temper, Calling names and fighting/ animal behavior, Speaking ill of others( Gibat), Illegal sexual desire, Greed, Misery, Telling lie, Enmity, Envy, Proud ness, Hate etc. These are the companions of Nafs -e- Ammara. Following any˜Tarikat is essential for controlling these bad practices/ habits. Prophet Hazrat Mohammad (sm ) has said, Shariat is my Kawol (Basis), Tarikat is my Aamal (Practice) and Hakikat is my Haal. (Situation ). ( Al Hadis). NB: From this Hadis it is easily understood that practicing & following the rules-regulation of Shariat properly is called Tarikat. If we go into depth, we see that in Hadis-e-Kudsi Allah says: Al Insanu Sirri Wa Ana Sirrahu.- Mankind is my mystery and I am mysterious to mankind. Allah Rabbul Alamin also mentioned, Hidden knowledge is one of my mystery ,which I have bestowed in the Kalb of my obedient followers and nobody except aware about that mystery. So Tarikat is the process of establishing the relation between Almighty Allah Subhanahu Taala by discovering the mystery between Allah and his mankind. Huzur (sm) has said, “ Maan Arafa Nafsahu Fakad Arafa Rabbahu. To know the identity of Allah Rabbul Alamin , get the identity of yourself. Allah has said, Mankind is my mystery. So it is not easy to understand this mystery. Oh my Lord Allah! Please show me the truth correctly and give me capability to find out that. Which is not truth, please also show that and give me the strength to refrain from that.

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