I am on Flickr

Assalaam u alaikum to Everyone.

I am so excited about this… I am on Flickr.!
I have a passion of Photography and as time passed by i indulge into, necessary, things which i have to do it anyway. And this cause me loss in my Interest in Photography.
As i was setting one day bored and log on to facebook and find that i should change my Fb cover pic. so i search on Google Images and was just selecting which one to keep. i finally found a pic which was uploaded by a guy (a Flickr user). Then i explore the Site and i found pretty interesting things so i registered on it and uploaded some pics which i have clicked (and i have also marked my copyright on it, with the help of Picasa). I found the site was easy to customize and sharing is so fast so i shared some pics on my social networks, got some awesome comments. i think i should continue my passion for photography & as i get time i will regularly post my pic’s on My Flickr.

My Flickr Profile – sknomanahmed

Thank you.

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