Dont be dissapoint – Motivational message in hindi/urdu

Don’t be disappoint, God is with You. All what you have to do is to find him (In Religious books). – Motivational message in hindi/urdu by Sk. Noman Ahmed

He, the One, the Creator of this World and of this Universe.
Thank you for blessing me with the understanding of your religion – Islam and for everything.

I have wrote this lines and I want to dedicate it to every single person.
Who :
– Think God is being partial to them.
– Hates his Destiny.
– Hates to Live this gifted life.
– Thinks that all that happens is of no reason.
– And most importantly who gives all the charge of his faults on others head, specially to GOD, and free themselves from their own mistakes.

Pai jo saza maine to ye kaha.
Ke aey rab khata kya thi meri,
Kyu hua beghar darwaze se tere,
Tha tujhse juda mai kab kahi,
Padi jab apne aamaal pe nazar,
Sharm se yeh sar na chupa paya kahi,

Ek aawaaz ne kaha hai yeh koi saza nahi,
Mila hai tujhe yeh mauqa ise gava nahi,
Haq ki raah par chalo tum agar,
Batil se lad, aur naa tu dar.!
Naummidi se mudkar socha yeh maine,
Wo Raheem aur hai wo kareem,
Sirf mujhpe zulm kyun karega wo,
Saare Jahaan ka hai wo rab, sirf mera nahi,
Afsos kyu karu mai bajaye Amali banke,
Kasurwaar uska sirf mai hu nahi.

Hope you all liked.
Thank you.

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