Thank you Allah

Assalaam u alaikum.
Hi Friends.
Just want to share this with you all and want to thank specially my friends for being with me, strongly.
Allah alone is to be worship & there is no one except him who knows us, better than ourselves.
He alone helps us all.
We have to obey him & believe him. Because he knows what is good for us & what’s not.
But sometimes, we find it difficult to have faith in him more often we also doubt of his existence…
But he is the most merciful and he help us, he knows we need the help of that someone in our life who could understand us, believe us, help us & who will never left us alone.
That may be your parents, brother, sister, teacher, husband, wife or anybody who have a heart filled full of humanity.
I just want to Thank Allah for blessing me with lots of such people in my life.

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