Social Network is .?

I just came home & switched on the Tv and watching a news channel in which a debate is going on the topicIs social network is a Effective’ and also about its effects on the Political point of View.
The people who were present on the stage (who joined the conversation) was one of the spoke person from Congress party, Chetan bhagat and Miss kiran. and they have showed a possitive response for Social Networks and also added that if used for correct purpose then one can share his views with the Audience so that a positive change can be in effect.
The two girls who were arrested after the death of the chief of Shivsena Bal Thackarey for raising the question and liking on the comment ‘is totally illegal’ said by the writer Chetan Bhagat. He also added that ‘There is a freedom in representing our Views’.
However the conversation is very much apprecitable and i love the question & answer section in which the youth are really concerned about improving & growing India by using media & mainly Social Networks.

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