Get your own Social Networking Site for FREE.

Hi Everybody.
Social Networking sites has encouraged new ways to communicate and share information. Sites like Facebook, Orkut, Myspace, are being used regularly by millions of people.
Social Network sites was originally created for teens and young adults for Meeting, Having a Re-union among the Old Batch mates, Dating, etc. but they have gradually become more popular with older adults. This attraction of the older generation has happened because many of the Social Networking sites have tried to set themselves up with functions, tools and chats that appeal to more mature audiences like using for the Business talks, Events and many more….
If you are a beginner and planning to build a Social network website like Facebook, Orkut……etc. than i must Suggest you to keep your hands OFF from all this Stuffs. Because Creating and Maintaining such sites aren’t easy and it needs a huge Amount of Time, Efforts and Investment.
But here is the Solution for the Beginner’s & for those who wanted to have their own Social Network site to connect with their Old Buddies, Interested one’s or to get serious with Like Minded people, Business or to just have a chat with their Neighbour’s. all this for FREE.
Don’t Worry you won’t have to know any web programming language or nor have to buy any Website Building Software(s). If you know how to deal with your favourite social networking site(s) then you can create your own Site.
Here’s how : Some sites which provide you to create your own Social Networking Site with Features like built-in blog, forums, Upload your Photos and Videos, Embed your Favourite Widgets, Polls, Notes…..Etc.

Ning is the one of the very Best Site which helps you not only to create your Own Social Networking site but also it let’s you communicate, interact and Give you a Real Social Experience. It is the Best in it’s field. It provides their users with lots of Features which no other such sites can Offer even if you are their FREE Member. It’s Very Easy to create, your own Site, and also very Fast.
Social GO is also a very good Site which allows you to create your own Social Network site for FREE. Also very much similar to Ning as much as features are concerned.
It does not contain Html editor but a simple editor in which you can upload your documents, pics, videos,html snippets and many and also it lets your members to join your site. Not so with major Functionality and Features. but a quite interesting for the Beginners and also for the Experienced once.
There are few more in the World Wide Web. But the Mentioned above are very good ones.

Try it and Kindly let me know about your Comments or Suggestions.

Like to here from you………

Thank you.

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