Which is the Best Free Web Host.

Hi Everybody.
I have post this article today because as you can see i have got a comment at the right side of this blog (in the comment area). and also many of my friends who are new to Website Building wanted to know about Which is the Best Free Web Host.

I couldn’t name them because they are so many Web Hosts around the whole Web Wide World and provides their User’s with different Features and Support.The Overall Rating of any Web Hosts is divided into Features, Customer Support, Updates and Error Free Environment.
Choosing a Free web host is not a difficult task. I find Many beginners who got much appreciated towards those Hosts Which gives a Large numbers of Features which they aren’t hear about before for their FREE Website. I suggest the Beginners to not to go for those sites which offers such kind of Features for FREE. Why ?
Here are the Some reasons.: Many of the beginners don’t know about the reality of some kind of Web Hosts. As you are a Newbie and also you are a their FREE Customer they can’t give you everything for FREE.
I wanted you beginners to SIGN UP for only those hosts which gives you the Features as below.
1) Please don’t SING UP for the Sites which includes Php, MySQL, Scripts (to install) and many more other’s which you often have not heared about and doesn’t know how to deal with it. They are Ununderstandable for the Beginners. You should know all about the Features, Languages, Scripts etc. they are providing to you. If you are Unknown from all this Stuffs you better Learn them or take help from those who knows about it. They take a huge time to load their Pages and also provide you with Low Bandwidth.
2) You should have a Built-in Editor in their Hosts (Editor helps your site to edit or add Stuffs to your pages ex. : Text, Images, Videos, Gadgets, Polls, Widgets and many more). Popularly known as WYSIWYG (Way you see is the way you Get) Editor.
3) They should provide your site with no ads or at least one-two ads. (More Ads makes the visitor’s appreciation weak).
4) Website/Pages Should not take a long time to load.
5) They should provide you with more Bandwidth and at least 100MB of Disk Space.
6) Pre-installed Templates, layouts and HTML editor (optional).
Such kind of the Web Hosts can meet your Consideration. Please Select your Best Web Hosts and Let us Know which Web Hosts is the Best (Especially for Beginners).
Thank you.

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