Advantages and Disadvantages of Free Web Hosts.

Hi Everybody.
Their are a lot of such services currently running on the Internet. But few users of such services knows the reality about the free web hosts. Is this Post is important for you? Yes, if you have your Free Website on one the free Web hosts and if you are creating and taking your Free Website Seriously.
Having your own Free Website is like Having your own House of Sand which seems easy to create but it will never be as long lasting as the house of Bricks. My Opinion for you is not that you should not have a Free Website but you should not depend totally. If you are doing a hard work to show your site or Planning to make a profit or thinking of earning/making a living from your site.

Here are some of the Advantages and Disadvantages of Free Web Hosts.

~*~ Advantages of Owning of your Own Domain (i.e having your own Website Address ).

– Easy to Remember website address (your own
– You will get your own E-mail addresses (
– Plenty of Pages and Storage for your Content.
– Easier to get listed in Search Engines (ex. Google, MSN, Yahoo. etc.)
– No Pop-up’s, Stickers, Ad’s on your Site.
– 24/7 Help Online (if you have any or wanted to make a suggestion).
– You have the overall controll over look and feel of the Website.
– No Worries of the site being removed unexpectedly.

~*~ Disadvantages of Free Web Hosts.

~ Hard to remember Web Address ( ) and also a Long name.
~ Limited Web Space to put your own content (Ex. Images, Videos, Documents, etc) and Pages.
~ No your own Special E-mail Id.
~ You will find Pop-up’s/Stickers/Ad’s on your Site.
~ No Online Help.
~ Chances of Being Site removed Unexpectedly.
~ Search Engine Often ignores them. One of the worst Disadvantage. ( More than 95% of Free Flash Hosts don’t provide this Service ).
~ You cannot had the access to Change/Customize the complete looks of your Website.
~ No Guarantee of the Site’s Availiability.
~ Can’t add interactive features like chat rooms,Message Boards, Games, Online ordering etc.

It is quite expensive for these companies to run a free hosting service because the company has to pay for the space and the bandwidth (traffic) to host thousands of web sites. And since they offering these sites for free, some companies find themselves loosing money very quickly.

They try to keep their service free by slapping banners on the member’s pages, hoping that people will click and purchase products…but think about it…how many banners have you clicked on lately?


Then some may try to redeem themselves by charging a “small” fee for their service. And of course, if you aren’t willing to pay for your site, you can say “bye bye” to all of your hard work.
Almost all free website providers let you know in their terms and conditions that there are NO GUARANTEES when it comes to keeping your available. Which means they reserve the right to remove your site at anytime, regardless of how much work you’ve put into it.
Second, which looks more appealing to you?

Only use Free Web hosts…. for learning purpose, temporary website (school, advertise an event, etc.) and you know it won’t need to be around for long. Or perhaps you just can’t afford to invest in a web site right now.

Please comment on this article if you want to ask about the related topic or wanted suggest your views.

Thank you.

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