Own a Website for Free.

Hi Everybody.

Today i have something interesting for you all and that is “Have your Own a Website for Free”. Many People who uses Internet are unknown from this Activity or haven’t hear about it at all. Take an Example of myself i am using Internet from past 7 years and i have found this on the Internet 2 years back (that means after 5 years). I was like, “No man how anybody can give you a site for free”. But later when i started searching about this on Google.com i found many of such sites which offers you a website for free with unbelievable Features.then i thought why not try one. OK.
As Many other’s i have not gone through the features what the that Web host is providing me Because at that time i was very much excited that i am the Proud owner of my FREE Website.
Then i am all set to Go but at the same time i am finding difficult to choose an URL (web address) Name and a Topic ? for my New Free Website like as Many beginners finds it very difficult to decide.
I have decided to first select a good Topic then go for a Sub Domain Name (ex. yourname.xyz hosts.com). You can have a Website on any of your Favourite Topics. Weather it may be on your Favourite Hobby, Sport, Sport person, Dishes, Hotels or create one adding up your Photos and Videos of your Favourite Holiday Spot or Places.
Once you have Decided the Subject than think of good Sub Domain or Domain name.
Having a sub domain name is free but if you want to have a Domain name like yourname .com then you have to buy one.
Once your URL address is Set-up then the rest is Simple.
I have joined such Web hosting sites Which offers a Free Website with a big list of it’s Features such as PHP, MySQL, Installed Scripts,………etc. which is not for the beginners and for those who aren’t Knew anything about creating a website.
I was just like Crab why the hell i am here. At that time i was really got Tempered and decided to not have a website.

The page in where i searched about Free web hosting (in the Google.com) there i found some more Sites which are very reliable and Friendly (after joining it ). I thank GOD for giving me Patience Because at that day i did not stop trying Hosts.
To Have a Good Website for Free i suggest you take help of Search engines, forums, your friends (who might know about this) or join Groups & communities on the Social Networking Websites Such as Facebook, twitter, Orkut, Myspace, etc to know more about Which is The Best Free Hosting sites?.
Also i wanted you to visit one of my favourite Site which guides the beginners to learn How to create a Website.
Creating a site is very easy. If you know how to write an E-mail then you can create your own website in minutes.
~*~ Some of the Features you will find on The Most Free Web Hosting Services for Free Members is as below :
– As you are a free Member you cannot have www. yourname .com (to have this you should Buy a Domain Name.)
– Your Added contents Online in Seconds
– More than 100 MB, 200 MB upto 5 to 10 GB of Storage Space.
– Hundreds of Pre Designed Templates
– Built-in Site Editor. (No Programming or Coding is required for creating your site.)
– An About me Page. or Unlimited Pages.
– Add your own Photos, Videos, Widgets and Much more.
– All This Stuffs charges you $0. FREE. !!! Yes all this at no cost.
If you have any Problem or Wanted any suggestions on any of the related Topics.
Feel free to ask by commenting on this Page.

Thank you.

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