Do you believe in astrology?

I still remember the date 12-12-12.
It was said to be the last day of the earth according to a Chinese calendar.

But, We’ve now reached the end of the decade and Alhumdulillah (by the grace of Almighty GOD) nothing has happened to us. We’re still alive. The whole world is alive.

You might be all thinking what is the reason of this blog post and what made me so long to write this blog post today. Well, I want you all to think that ‘Have anyone notified this Word about COVID-19’? And the impact it had on the lives of the people?

So, why we should believe in astrology. We know almost everyone fails to do it and also those who do have some amount of knowledge in this field are have mostly done some kind of educational and scientific researches. Like to pretend a weather forecast is easy nowadays. I can be done with the help of science. We can know weather of any place of the world in minutes through smartphone apps while sitting at our homes.

Many predictions are also based on facts and/or various conditions depending upon the situations This differs from people to people. According to me there is a much interference of Psychology and behavior of the people which helps the astrologers to know more about the ones who need help of an astrologer.

So, don’t believe in astrologers. They can’t even predict their own lives. Do hardwork and have patience and pray to the lord of both the worlds. There is no one apart from Almighty Allah who knows better that anyone else.

Thank you and Take care.

Shaikh Noman Ahmed

How to Create a Blog for FREE!

Hi everyone,

As you all know we all have been experiencing many problems in COVID-19 and due to which many places, businesses, educational institutes, hotels and restaurants are shutdown or under lockdown of few hours. But there is something which is open 24*7 and that is the internet. And when it comes to internet there are no limitations to explore. You can learn and visit such places online.

For this purpose, i have created a video on my youtube channel. Previously, i have received many messages on my social media about ‘How to create a blog’ so a month ago i have given just a brief introduction on it and today i have posted it’s Part 2. You can view the video by clicking the links below.

I have used Google’s Blogger platform in demonstrating the video as i think it’s good for the newbie bloggers to understand about blogging and how exactly blogging platforms works.

Part 1:

Part 2:

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Thank you.

A Day at Himayat Bagh

Everyone knows that Aurangabad is well known for its tourism and heritage sites like Bibi ka Maqbara (The Taj of Deccan) which is the replica of Taj Mahal and also for the Ajanta and Ellora Caves which are named under UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

But this not the only reason why Aurangabad is famous for… There are many things which differs Aurangabad from the rest of historical and tourist places. From culture to tradition, food to clothing and from the language to the lifestyle of the people with many diversities is what makes Aurangabad a must checkout place to visit for anyone.

Recently, Aurangabad has blessed with ample amount of rainwater in this season. It is said that such rain has been seen after over a decade where a a local water reservoir records 100% water in its storage.

Many places have been filled with the rainwater and so as Himayat Bagh where you can see any people who came with friends and families are enjoying waterfall.

I want to thank my friend Junaid Khan Sir without whom visiting Himayat Bagh wouldn’t have been possible.

Here are some photographs which i have clicked at Himayat Bagh, Delhi Gate, Aurangabad.

Click below to download these photographs. (Approx 75 MB)

I have also created a vlog on Himayat Bagh for my YouTube Channel. Please watch it here or on YouTube and do comment, like and share my video and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel. Thank you.

Digital Marketing Tools Mastery Course

I have just created a page about Digital Mastery Tools Mastery Course on my blog. In this course, you will get the complete video tutorials of 100+ Digital Marketing tools from SEO, Email Marketing to Advertising and Web Hosting Tools.

Once you made the payment the page will be redirected to the Course where you can avail the benefits of the Digital Marketing Tools Mastery Course.

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A Beginners Guide to Blogging (Webinar)

Today, I hosted my first webinar on blogging.
It send requests to 100’s of people but only 7 people attended the webinar. But i am happy because i think numbers don’t give you success but the quality of the work you do that gives you success.

So, I want to thank to the people who have given their precious time and shared their experience with me. I hope that i have helped you better understand about the basics of blogging.

For our upcoming webinar in ‘Carrier Opportunities in Blogging in 2020’ register on this link:

We’ll soon contact you and send you details of this webinar soon. Thank you.

How to create a Customer Avatar for your Business – Day 2 with Digital Deepak

Yesss.! This is what i said when i get my first assignment approved by Deepak Kanakaraju’s (Digital Deepak) Digital Marketing Internship Program and not just that i also received Rs. 1100 on the approval. This internship program comes with many perks. It’s not only a Digital Marketing Course that helps you understand Digital Marketing but also helps you to understand it’s working and execution effectively with the help of assignments.

If you haven’t read my previous blog about the introduction of this course by Digital Deepak then you can read it by clicking here.


So let me tell you about the second assignment given in the previous week and i.e To create a Customer Avatar for your Brand/Business.

Firstly, What Is Customer Avatar?

Let’s understand customer avatar in the simplest way, what if I tell you to sell something to a person? You have to know that person better and try to understand what are his/her needs. Right? Mostly yes, but their need comes from their work background, education, hobbies, and etc. So the first task will be knowing these details about your customer. But when it comes to more number of people like in thousands then you can collect such data using a survey method. You cannot create a marketing strategy for each individual so what you will do is to look for similar answers and making one ideal customer whose details match most of the customers. Now let’s look at what is the actual definition of Customer Avatar.

A customer avatar is a detailed profile of your ideal customer. It doesn’t make assumptions or categorize people into groups. The avatar focusses on one person and outlines everything about them. It goes into much greater depth than a regular marketing persona, providing marketers with many more targeting tools.

Source:  Einstien Marketer

I also searched about this on Google where i came across the below image which has helped me better to understand the 4 Dimensional Customer Avatar.

So, i think now you get the idea of what is exactly Customer Avatar. So let’s move on to the next step which is how to create your own customer avatar.

Customer Avatar

How To Create Customer Avatar?

The first thing you will be requiring is questions to build a customer avatar survey. A few of the questions are listed below. You can use those or make your own question which you think will help you to know your customer better. I recommend Google Forms as most of the survey companies offer limited questions in the free version of service. Simply visit google forms and create your own forms just like I did for my 2nd assignment. You can check and fill out my Customer Avatar Survey form to understand better. 

Once you created your own customer avatar survey form simply share with people on your social media or using ads to get the most possible response. This reminds me of a law that Deepak Kanakaraju has shared during the second class. The law of larger numbers, the larger the no. of responses the most accurate your data will be. If you want to know more just search about it and you will find it tons of articles on the topic. Let’s see how the response we got from people looks like.

After you got all the data as shown above. Now, you need to be a little bit creative about a person you want to make your ideal customer. The first thing is extracting data from the responses we have received as shown below.

Right after you got all the data as shown above. Now, you need to be a little bit creative about a person you want to make your ideal customer. The first thing is extracting data from the responses we have received and write it as below to keep it simple and easy to understand. As shown below.

Name: Kamran (A random name for the Avatar)

Age: 18 – 24 Years

Gender: Male

Location: Aurangabad

Annual Income: ₹1 – 2 Lakhs

Education: Undergraduate

Marital Status: Unmarried

Type of person: Extrovert

Current Work Status: Freelancers

Preferred Mode of Digital Education: Online Courses

First Thing To Check-In Morning: Instagram

Phone Using: Android

Laptop/Computer: Windows

Now you have details let’s bring some life into it. You can simply write a description of a
person like you are introducing your friend to someone. Just keep in mind to add these
details while introducing. That’s it, you successfully prepared a customer avatar for your
business. Isn’t this simple? Similarly, I prepared a customer avatar for my business
according to the responses I received. So i want you all to meet – Kamran.


Kamran is 21 years old and lives in Aurangabad in the Tier-II city of Maharashtra. He is currently an undergraduate and a final year student. Kamran is currently doing freelancing and is a technology enthusiast. He is very active on Instagram and prefers to check it at first overall other social media. When it comes to learning online he prefers online courses rather than ebook or live webinars. Kamran is an Extrovert. He uses Windows Laptop/Computer and Android phone in day to day life for computer-oriented tasks.

Well, that’s it in this article let me know if you have created your own customer avatar in comments below. Thank you so much.

Digital Marketing Internship – Day 1 with DigitalDeepak

Today the world is going digital and we’re more into technology than ever before. Not just people who do jobs in MNCs or IT companies and can do work from home. But almost everyone who is facing lockdown. Since the lockdown had started many are spending more time either to learn something new or to connect with friends and family on the internet like installing online chatting apps other than WhatsApp like Helo and Telegram, Playing Ludo or any multiplayer games, Live video calling and Online Workshop and Webinar apps like Google Meet and Zoom. I also know people who are too much busy in their schedule and are very busy to take out time for themselves and for their friends and family have recently joined Facebook and Instagram because they want to live more and don’t want to face boredom at home.

Here, In this lockdown, i want to share with you about what is the most amazing thing i’ve found on the internet. A great way of learning Digital Marketing by a great mentor Digital Deepak. I have just joined the internship 10 days ago through a Zoom app link which was shared to me by my friend Vaibhav Kulkarni and for which i want to thank him in this blog post. There is many reasons why i want to join this internship program but let me first tell you this is not the first time when i wanted to get enrolled for this program.

I  came to know about Deepak Kanakaraju in June 2018. I was searching content related to blogging where i reached to his website – and then after reading a few of his posts i signed up for blogging tips newsletter where he had not only cleared my myths on blogging but has motivated me to continue blogging as my passion and how-to earn part-time.

On 1st August 2018, he has sent an email announcing the Digital Marketing Mastery Program where he had designed 7 crucial digital marketing skills into a Mastery Course which includes SEO, Adwords, Facebook Ads, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Affiliate and Analytics Mastery. But because of some financial issues, i was unable to join the program.

The price was not only the issue which i was facing but also the lack of confidence which kept me away from buying online products especially courses on the internet. Anyhow, i was not able to purchase the course and hence was unable to join the program but i was looking forward to such a course where i can learn so many things under one roof and with an experienced person in digital marketing. And finally the wait is over when i got to know about this internship program in the webinar as Deepak K. has announced the Internship Program – Batch 3 with an amazing discount offer.

The program is unique in many ways. There are over 800 people who have participated in the webinar from almost all age groups. Some are participated to learn new things, some want to have an idea of what is exactly digital marketing & how it works and some want to grow as a digital marketing professional. But frankly speaking, i’ve never seen so many people attending in a webinar. My mentor and host of the webinar Deepak K. shared stories from his life where he had started blogging and worked for his brands and then how he started Digital Deepak and become an expert in digital marketing. His body language and knowledge of his field had made every one of us understand his concepts related to digital marketing in the future, the global economy and how India can grow in marketing and be a powerful country even in such crises has convinced me. All i can say that attending this webinar, i am very much crystal clear and have no doubt believing Deepak K. Sir as my mentor.

Above all things, i like the main objective of this program is 100% learning with proper execution. I have enrolled in few online courses which guarantee you to become a Digital Marketing Expert but there is no proper evaluation or test or just provide you with their certification whereas in this Internship Program by Digital Deepak every person who is enrolled had to give a test or assignment. The reason you’re reading this blog post is a part of the assignment. Not just that, The people who’ve enrolled for the Internship Program will be getting paid after approval of every assignment. And Yes, There is certification on the completion of the course too. There are few important points which i’ve noted down from the webinar which will help one to become and grow as a good Digital Marketing Expert.

Digital Deepak – 1st Class

  • Know what you want from your life.
  • Know what you want to do.
  • Set your Goal. ( Ex: Reach 1000 customers).
  • Communication is the Key.
  • Good English and vocabulary.
  • Read books on economics and also read a lot (30 minutes a day) – start with simple.
  • Thinking in English.
  • Listen to podcast.
  • Write a lot – (500 words a day)
  • Watch English sitcoms (The Office, Seinfeld, Silicon Valley, Mad Man, Friends, Breaking Bad etc)
  • Watch stand up comedy shows to learn culture and local slang.

Deepak K. has shared a few of his Power Point slides with every one of us and even made us write short alphabets in the chat box. Like MT for Mass Trust. This made many of us to remember and believe in the learning process. What made many of us to easily understand is the algorithm and charts made in the presentation. Like the image shown below which helps us to understand how content marketing is done.

I’ve really enjoyed the webinar and i am looking forward to more such webinars where i can learn, share and grow my passion as a Blogger, Digital Marketing Expert and a Social Media Influencer.

Thank you so much Digital Deepak.

Lockdown 4 in Aurangabad

As we all know our country – India has witnessed 3 phases of lockdown till 17th May 2020. And now as the Corona cases are increasing day-by-day and more people are getting quarantined reaching the total numbers to 962, especially after 3 days (15,16 and 17th May) strict lockdown in my city – Aurangabad as ordered suddenly by the AMC Commisioner – Astik Kumar Pandey on Twitter after 11 PM without any prior notification.

But as i woke up today for Saheri (Also known as Sahur or Suhoor) – Which is a morning meal to be consumed before keeping Roza (Fasting) at the time of Tahajjud. I came to know that the Divisional Commissioner of Aurangabad has ordered a strict lockdown for 3 days until 20th May 2020. I and everyone in m y family is unhappy with the decision, not because we want to go out and do party after 17th May but we want to buy some groceries which have been almost empty today. We don’t know what should we do for the next 3 days.?

In afternoon i came across some news on twitter which has left me in another shock that the Uddhav Thackeray ji, CM of Maharashtra has announced another extension of lockdown 4 until 31st May 2020.

I totally understand the increasing numbers of corona patients in Maharashtra State but just imagine about the poor people and especially those who earn money on the daily wages. There are lots of families who have no support nor anyone who can provide meal for a single day. We all know businesses are on the verge of closing and some small scale businesses had a huge loss. Labours and workers have been broked completely. Many of the workers have not received their monthly salaries and also found walking hundreds of kilometres to reach their home. In this situation people can’t help themselves.

I myself had received phone calls and whatsapp messages from my friends asking money and food items for the needy and poor people. We all know that in this fight against corona pandemic everyone is giving their best in reaching people and helping them but i also understand everyone has their own physical and financial limitations.

But i want to ask the Administrative Officials and the Government, Are they providing enough resources to the needy people? or is the system is made so strict that even the person with the money is ordered to remain silent onto their homes unless he himself becomes helpless? I saw many NGO’s and their young volunteers are helping people and putting their everything on the line just for the sake of humanity. Not only for humans but for animals too.

For many of those who reads this post may argue and totally disagree with me but this is a fact which i want to share with everyone. Many countries have more number of Corona patients than us but have opened shops for the need of the people whilst following social distancing. It was so sad to see the liquor shops were ordered to open in the previous week which not only created masses to gather on the roads but also have infected many more people with COVID-19. Is this how we will tackle the issue of pandemic which caused millions of lives around the world? Thankfully we don’t have to see this in Aurangabad? I want to thank those politicians and leaders who raised their voice against the liquor and stopped it from spreading corona in the city.

In these 2 days total 120 patients are detected in Aurangabad. i.e 59 new cases on Saturday and 61 on Sunday. Even after the strict lockdown the numbers are increasing. Which i don’t know how but is proper planning is done many issues would be resolved. I suggest to open shops for some hours or as odd and even days so that people can shop by practicing social and physical distancing. This has also resulted in low number of corona detection cases in Aurangabad. I also heard the AMC Commissioner will make it easy for people to purchase food items in their respective areas through vegetables/fruits on wheels. I don’t know how it will be executed but this will definitely help many people and bring comfort to the citizens on Aurangabad City.

In my previous blog post – Content Creators Meet-up i told you that i’ll share with you the story behind this photo.

So here it is, In the first week of December 2019 i was tested positive for Dengue and was admitted for about a week in the hospital. I had to organize this meetup in the month as it was being delayed since the mid of June 2019. I asked my friends Shafique Khan and Syed Sohel aka Sky Sam to please help me with the invitees and also host the event. Also finding a place to host the event was done by them. They have fully supported me in the event and i want to thank both of them and the venue partner – Sufees Lounge for their support.

I was so taken back and unmotivated thoughts comes to me as there were few incidents of death due to dengue happened in Aurangabad City. But i thank Allah that HE gave me good health and a new life, Again. Alhumdulillah.

Also read some top stories of this week on Aurangabad Buzz Blog:

16 migrant laborers were mowed down by the goods train in Aurangabad.

New guidelines for Lockdown 4.0 announced by MHA (Ministry of Home Affairs)

Also watch my latest video upon Google Forms Tutorial in Urdu/Hindi posted on my youtube channel.

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Content Creators Meet-up

Everyone has been posting something important on their feeds/profile/timeline or whatever you called it with the hashtag #LatePost and i was also thinking about what i missed to post on social media?

I had to look into my phone gallery app and keep on scrolling until i found dozens of pics of YouTube Meetup 5.0. which was happened on 14th December 2019. Exactly 5 months from today. Here is the poster of the event.

YouTube Meet-up 5.0 was an event which was powered by Blog Vlog and organised by Aurangabad Buzz in Aurangabad City. The meetup was called by me and my friends Shafiq Khan and Sky Sam (Syed Sohail) who also were the hosts of the event.

So here are some photos of the event with all the content creators of Aurangabad including Bloggers, Tiktokers and YouTubers who have been present in the event.

I was like really? Did i totally forgot to post this? But later i scroll my gallery app and also found a photo of mine which was the reason for not posting about this event on social media platforms and on my blog on the right time. Here is that pic…

What did you think that i am going through?

I would talk about this in my next blogpost and will let you know the reason behind why i am not in any of the photographs of that event. But here are few vlogs of some youtubers who have shoot a small part of their vlog with me as i have organised this meetup.

I also want to thank our venue partner Sufees Lounge and Social Media partners Aurangabad Buzz, We Love Aurangabad and Unicorn Wings of India without whom this meetup wouldn’t be possible.

Thank you to all the content creators for their love and support. We’ll sure meet and have an amazing meetup after the lockdown ends.

Thank you once again. Stay safe and stay at home.

An Essential List of Work From Home Tools

So, Like we all know everyone in the world is facing problems in their business or job due to COVID-19 pandemic. Yes, we aren’t ready for this and though we’ll Lock down in our homes their are many things we can do just by sitting on a chair. I am not only talking about the people who do work online or are in some kind of tech companies but everyone can use these ‘Work From Home Tools’ to grow their business, company, organization or anything.

I think many people can help themselves to grow themselves or their business as communication is the important key to productivity and operate effectively.

Here are some essential points which i have listed below:

  1. A dedicated workspace.
  2. A computer or a laptop.
  3. A good internet connection.
  4. Video conferencing and chat apps.
  5. Earphones or a headset.

Follow me (instagram) for such resources and Here you can follow my personal account on instagram @sknomanahmed

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